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16 April 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Freedom At Last

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Freedom At Last

Happy Lockdown Restriction Lifting Week!

What’s everyone been up to? Savoured a pint in a pub garden with a friend? Finally had that lockdown haircut fixed? Enjoyed a little retail therapy?

This week, shoppers and pub-goers have been queueing round the blocks for that first taste of freedom, and who can blame them?

🎄 Homemade Irn Bru Ad Goes Viral

Irn Bru is a brand well-known for its memorable advertisements. But its most recent viral effort was produced by student Alexander Edwards for a Barr’s ad competition asking users to create a TV ad.. Edwards’ entry was shared to TikTok after it was completed a day late and has since received over 23,000 likes and 300 shares.

Warning: don’t try this at home!

🕷️ New Disney releases

In case you don’t remember, Flappy Bird was an addictive mobile game that captured our attention in the early 2010s, entertaining and infuriating in equal measure. It survived less than a year before the creator removed it from the app store after feeling guilty about its addictive nature.

But now, iOS engineer Neil Sardesai has managed to transform the app into an interactive MacOS notification that is “every bit as frustrating as you remember.”

Distraction fuel.

☄️ Bizarre Webcam Watches You Back

Ever wonder if your webcam is watching you, long after the Zoom call is closed? Well, with this uncannily lifelike device created by Marc Teyssier, you won’t have to wonder. Resembling a human eye with astonishing accuracy, the cam moves, blinks and even expresses some degree of emotion – as much as a single eye can.

But far from being an Orwellian nightmare, Teyssier says the gadget is a design fiction prototype, not intended for commercial use but instead to “broaden the discourse on sensing technology.” Still, when you look at it, you can’t help but feel as though Big Brother is watching you.

Foucault would have a field day.

⛵ Become Iron Man?

Face masks are the nemesis of the increasingly popular Face ID technology that many phones now use, but tech company Huami have been working on the solution. The Amazfit Aeri is not only transparent, making the wearer recognisable to their mobile device, but also self-cleaning. 

Wearable robots? We’re in!.

🚗 The Next Step in Vaccination

As vaccines continue to roll out, the research doesn’t stop, and top vaccine manufacturer Pfizer has now requested FDA approval for use of vaccines on children between the ages of 12 and 15. Their research so far has indicated success with this age group, and approval could be a game-changer in securing a future protected against COVID-19.

Start them young!

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