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2 April 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Four Day Weekend!

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Four Day Weekend!

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year – the Easter bank holiday!
The sun is (sort-of) shining, the birds are (rather loudly) singing, and on Monday the worm moon was even glowing in the sky !

As restrictions begin to lift, summer gets closer and we simply can’t wait to be sipping drinks in a pub garden somewhere slathered in Factor 50 and soaking up the sun’s rays.

Meanwhile, enjoy a virtual Easter egg from us

🎄 Oh, Easter Tree!

A newly imported Swedish tradition has caught the eye of British shoppers this week, just in time for the bank holiday weekend, and that’s Easter trees! It’s suspected that the rising interest in these decorations is due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, which has got everyone in the mood to celebrate that little bit harder.

Tis the season?

🕷️ New Disney releases

This week, Disney have announced that the hotly awaited Black Widow movie will be available in cinemas from July 9th, yet another delay to the film’s release. However, like Mulan, Black Widow will also be available on Disney Plus, giving viewers the option to catch the latest Marvel release from home. Meanwhile Cruella De Vil’s eponymous cinematic origin story, due for release on May 28th, will be receiving the same treatment.

A permanent transformation in cinema?

☄️ God Of Chaos Comes In Peace

Those of you who had ‘Earth gets hit by an asteroid’ on their 2020s bingo card can safely leave this section unchecked for another century, scientists have confirmed. The asteroid Apophis, known to friends as ‘the God of Chaos’, does not pose an imminent threat to the Earth within the next century, according to NASA and the European Space Agency.


⛵ Suez Search

To celebrate the unblocking of the unfortunate Ever Given cargo ship from the Suez Canal, Google have added an Easter Egg to their search results. A quick Google of either ‘Suez Canal’ or ‘Ever Given’ shows users a rolling animation of tiny boats across the top of the screen.

Plain sailing?

🚗 Joke’s On You

As April Fool’s Day 2021 rolled around, the team over at German carmaker Volkswagen were ahead of the curve, sharing their annual prank a few days earlier than the intended date. The brand made the announcement on Tuesday that they would be changing their name to ‘Voltswagen’, a nod to the common mispronunciation. This was even amended on their social media and website, but they later admit it was all just a joke.

Are you kidding?

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