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9 April 2021


2 mins read

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Be Good To Yourself

#FridayFiver – 🧼 👏 🌤️ Be Good To Yourself

How are you guys this post-Easter week?

Have you fashioned a chocolate hat from an upturned easter egg and you’re eating away at it from this inside, able to peek under the tasty brim just enough to type slowly?

Yup: us too. How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

Anyway, this week’s fiver is a grab-bag of positivity that will have you clicking your heels and tossing your choccy cap high into the air as you shout ‘huzzah!’

Let’s tuck in…

🤗 Cool Covid lockdown projects

Crisis often catalyses creativity and over at the BBC they’ve been reviewing some of the most positive lockdown stories from the past year.

Tales of everything from transcribing parents’ diaries and unlocking magic memories to learning to skateboard in your 50s prove that the Bulldog spirit is still strong against all odds!

Get creative with the Beeb

🤗🕺 Dancing in the streets of NYC

When 89-year-old New Yorker Robert Holzman recently received his Covid-19 jab, he celebrated by indulging in his lifelong passion – dancing.

For now, the spritely octogenarian is shuffling and spinning around NYC sidewalks, but he’s eagerly anticipating tripping the light fantastic with a partner once restrictions ease.

Watch Bob bust moves

📺 Bridgerton Series 2 bolsters cast

Bridgerton series 1 cheered us up with its stunning costumes, swoonsome cast and exciting reimagining of Regency-era England. Rege-Jean Page won’t be returning for the second series (boo!), but series 2 will feature new arrivals Rupert Young from Merlin, Calam Lynch from Derry Girls and Shelly Lynch and Charithra Chandran from Liar (yay!).

Bridgerton 2.0 might not see the light of day until early 2022, but we’re already excited!

Grab the Bridgerton lowdown

🛒 Joyful Jinx Lennon video

Remember back in the day when the best way to top off a refreshing evening was to hop in a shopping trolley and have your mates hurtle you down the street at breakneck speed?


Wait a minute – you’re not wearing a chocolate hat either?

To be honest you can just leave now. You’re just not our sort of people. Go on, get out!

That’s better. Now the bad eggs have scrambled, you remaining good guys will absolutely love this new music video from Jinx Lennon – the tune is pretty good too!

Groove with Jinx

🌐 Scoring Google penalty advice

Need to relax after all that milk chocolate millinery, dynamic dancing and supermarket dash drama?

The helpful folks over at Search Engine Journal have got you covered, with a complete list of Google penalties and advice on how your website can recover from them.

Reading through this comprehensive guide will help you escape the digital doldrums – who doesn’t want a juicy slice of that action?

Get back on Google’s good side

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