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18 September 2020


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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Your Must-Read Digi Roundup

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Your Must-Read Digi Roundup

Happy Friday!

Another hard-earned weekend has come around again, and so has a spate of new movie trailers including the hotly anticipated Dune.

Whether you’re living it up with a Netflix movie marathon or celebrating the weekend with friends (six or less, remember!), our weekly blog is back in style to bring you a round up of the latest updates from the digital world.

Lets get stuck in!

😂 How Lockdown Has Changed Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy is one of many performance arts to go digital since lockdown, and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, host of virtual comedy club The Covid Arms has shared how lockdown has changed comedy for comedians like her. While the flexibility of online comedy Zooms has enabled performances that otherwise wouldn’t have gone ahead, it has presented its own challenges too! Watch below to find out more.

Are you having a laugh?

🕹️ Limited Edition Fortnite-Themed Switch

This week Nintendo have announced they will be releasing a limited edition Fortnite themed Nintendo Switch, and players are already going wild for it. The dock features skins from the game whilst the Joy-Con controllers are bright blue and yellow. So far it looks as though this release will only be available in Europe, and you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on one.

Ready player one.

🐯 Tiger King Comes To Amazon

Back in May it was announced that Nicholas Cage would be at the helm of a Tiger King-inspired series in the role of Joe Exotic. This week it was announced that Amazon has picked up the Netflix documentary-inspired project and will be producing it, whilst Joe Exotic’s partner has revealed that some filming has already taken place for the sequel to the original series.

Find out more.

🪐 First Look At Mars in 8K

This week the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency have announced plans to send an 8K camera to Mars. The cameras are already in development thanks to NHK, Japan’s national broadcaster, and the spacecraft will launch as part of the MMX (Martian Moon Exploration) mission. Launch to the Red Planet is expected to take place in 2024, and arrive by 2025.

One small step for camerakind.

🍏 Apple One Subscription Is On The Way

Apple’s 2020 event this Tuesday held some exciting announcements for techies across the globe. Along with the unveiling of a new iPad and some major innovations to their smart watch, Apple confirmed the release of a subscription service that would include Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade and many of the tech giant’s other subscription services.

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