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14 August 2020


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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – What’s The Buzz?

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – What’s The Buzz?

Hello again! 

We hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine? – we certainly have!

Let us know how you’ve been handling the heat wave. What’s your ice lolly of choice? What cold drinks are lining your freezer? And what cocktails are keeping you cool in the warm summer evenings? 

We love to hear from our readers and followers on all our social channels, so share your secrets with us! And in the meantime, tuck into our scorching new blog.

🎞️ Instagram Introduces Reels

In a move that will step up your story game, Instagram have introduced the Reels feature. Similar to TikTok, these short clips are the newest addition to the social media platform, and stars Jessica Alba, Ashley Graham and Karlie Kloss have already been in on the fun. But can it compete?

Decide for yourself.  

💻 Toshiba Officially Quits Laptops

Tech giant Toshiba, who made the first laptop back in 1985, have sold the last of their PC shares this week, meaning the manufacturer will no longer be producing laptops. However, they still have their fingers in plenty of other cookie jars as they continue to manufacture televisions, sound systems and even medical imaging equipment. 

See their legacy here. 

🎮 PlayStation 5’s Game-Changing Audio Feature

Sony’s upcoming PS5 has gamers on tenterhooks, even as its design divides opinion. But there is one feature that could be ground-breaking for consoles –  the introduction of 3D audio. The surround-sound effect means headphone users will experience sounds from all directions, creating a much  more immersive gaming experience.

Learn more here.

📽️ ‘Mulan’ Disney+ Release Date Announced

Originally planned for cinematic release in March, Disney’s Mulan is one of many films to have faced an unfortunate setback due to the pandemic. But it was announced this week thattheir live action heroine will receive a streamed release for a fee instead. Could this set a precedent for other major releases?

Find out here. 

🛹 Skateboarding Dad Goes Viral

Many of us have picked up a new pastime since lockdown began, and one middle-aged dad has decided to relive his skateboarding glory days. After a 20-year hiatus, Brian Bennett picked up the habit again during lockdown to soothe stresses and stay calm. Check out his rad tricks below. 

Check it out. 

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