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24 July 2020


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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Time To Tune In

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Greetings Maratopians! Gyms in England are reopening tomorrow, but don’t feel guilty if you’re not rushing for a post-lockdown workout just yet.

Whether you prefer a low-key limbering-up or a binge-watching weekender, we’re working from home to bring you the best blogs and updates – like this one!

🦸‍♂️ San Diego Comic Con Takes Place Online

The world’s biggest Comic Con in San Diego won’t be taking place as usual this year (for the same reason that many other events aren’t taking place as usual). However, the much-loved annual convention will be replaced with a number of online events, including an estimated 350 pre-recorded panels.

Get your geek on!

✏️ The Future Of The Apple Pencil

Adored by digital artists everywhere, the Apple Pencil epitomises simple sophistication. But a recently discovered patent by the company suggests they’re about to step it up a notch – the next generation Apple Pencil could have a colour sampling stylus that would allow you to pluck colours from the real world around you and transfer them to your tablet.

Find out more here.

📱 Skype Introduces Background Blur

Messy background be-gone! If you’ve been struggling to hide a messy background on Skype calls, whether it’s from co-workers or your parents (“Hi Mum! Still haven’t tidied up, no…”), iOS users can now join PC video-callers in blurring their background so you can hide the mess without shoving it all behind the sofa.

Learn more here.

💈 YouTuber Creates Robot Barber

After months of YouTube comments telling him his haircut made him look about 16, YouTuber and engineer Shane Wighton created a robot barber to give him a much-needed quarantine trim. Just like a real barber, this machine makes small talk – albeit in its own unique way. But did it work?

See the results.

🧩 LEGO and Nintendo Team Up

Retro gamers, get ready. LEGO will be releasing a replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The kit will include a NES controller, an opening slot for the Game Pak (which you build yourself) and a buildable retro TV, complete with an on-screen Mario. The set will be available for purchase on August 1st.

Take a look here.

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