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16 October 2020


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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – The Game Is On!

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – The Game Is On!

Happy Friday, folks!

Spooky vibes are upon us as we creep closer to Halloween, but rest assured you won’t see any tricks from us – just treats galore with our weekly round-up.

This week’s edition of the Friday Fiver includes super-smart AI video calling technology, refrigerator gaming and new releases from Disney+!

🙋 Animate Yourself!

Leading graphics card manufacturers Nvidia have unveiled their latest research in the field of artificial intelligence which will allow users to project digital avatars and animated visuals through video calls. The technology, which is still under development, will benefit users with slow connections and can even inject a little fun into your regular Zoom meetings.

Take a peek.

🎮 Xbox Game Pass Streaming For iOS

Despite resistance from Apple, Microsoft’s gaming boss Phil Spencer has reportedly confirmed to employees that the Xbox Game Pass streaming feature, which is currently only compatible with Android, will become available on iPhone and iPad. The company is aiming to make it happen “by 2021”.

Find out more.

🎦 Disney+ To Release New Pixar Movie

2020 has changed the face of cinema as we know it, and Disney will be continuing their streak of straight-to-stream movies with Soul, due for release on Christmas Day. The film follows Artemis Fowl, Hamilton, and Mulan in this pattern, although unlike the latter, it won’t cost an extra £30 to view. Could this herald a new era for theatrical releases?

Get viewing.

❄️ Gaming… On Your Fridge?

Sounds impossible, right? Well, these days tech wizards can hack just about anything and for Instagram user Richard Mallard, the Samsung smart fridge was the perfect place to set up a game of Doom!

See how he did it.

📱 iPhone 12 Is Here At Last!

It’s been a long wait but at their Hi Speed event this week, Apple have confirmed the release of the iPhone 12 later this month, with an iPhone 12 Mini to follow in early November. It’s 5G capabilities and new chip make it ideal for streaming and gaming, whilst its new dual camera system is a photographer’s dream.

First look here.

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