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19 June 2020


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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – That Friday Feeling!

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – That Friday Feeling!

The weekend is upon us once more. 

As shops begin to re-open, it seems that we are finding out way to a new normal – face masks and hand sanitiser at the ready, of course. 

Whether you’re venturing outside, or staying home to marathon the latest Disney+ hits, we hope you stay safe and have a great time. 

But before you make any plans, check out our weekly web round up of the latest tech and digital news. 

🎮 Sony Officially Reveals PlayStation

After a long wait and much speculation, the new-look PlayStation 5 console has finally been revealed. Sony have also unveiled a space-saving Digital Edition without a disc drive. The designs have polarised opinion somewhat, with some fans saying the hardware bears resemblance to a broadband router. Are they right? 

Decide for yourself here.

📱 Android 11 Beta Version Released

Android 11 is due for release later this year, but for some Google Pixel users, a beta version of the OS is already available. While the unfinished system needs some work, it has a number of unique and useful features, including device controls, smarter voice access and an overall improved UX. Interested in trying it? 

Find out more here.

📸 Snapchat Announces Minis

Social media giant Snapchat have unveiled ‘Minis’, miniature applications designed by third-party developers that can be found inside the Snapchat app. The seven initial Minis will include an app to buy cinema tickets, a meditation app and a flashcard function for studying, and there will be more to come in the future. 

Take a look here.

🏁 Pro Drivers Discover Virtual Racing

After Formula E racing was cancelled due to the pandemic, drivers turned to eSports in order to compete. Enabled by a specially designed gaming rig, the professionals began the Race At Home Challenge, which has since been opened to the gaming community. The standard is high, and the competition even higher.  

See for yourself here.

🤖 Can You Teach The Mars Rover?

NASA is seeking help to improve the Soil Property and Object Classification (SPOC) algorithm used by the Mars Rover to identify its findings. The project aims to label the contents of over 9000 images and is about halfway to its goal. Anyone can get involved, so long as they have a few spare minutes to read the tutorial and check out the images, but be warned – it’s harder than it sounds. 

Help out here.

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