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19 March 2021


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#FridayFiver – 🧼✋ Nothing to Report…

#FridayFiver – 🧼✋  Nothing to Report…

It’s been a slow news week, hasn’t it?

I mean, basically nothing has happened.

No famous faces, no big reveals… nothing…

But it’s business as usual here at Maratopia – so while we were working hard breaking boundaries and emptying biscuit tins, we did manage to find one or two top stories from the week that caught our eye!

📻 Podcasts For Kids?

As lockdown walks become the exercise du jour (more on those later), podcasts enter a golden age like never before. But this week it emerged that Apple is teaming up with Common Sense Media to corner the market for podcasts targeted to younger audiences. As it stands, none of the Top 100 Podcasts are part of that small category for kids, but Apple plans to change that.

Watch this space.

🚶‍♂️ Walk It Off

The lockdown walk is a cornerstone of Covid culture. But variety is the spice of life, and if you’re looking for a way to shake up that routine, The Verge has helpfully compiled a list of apps that will introduce a new twist to that daily walk, from those that map your route to calming solutions that help you take a break and entertainment classics too.

Get inspired.

💄 The Future of Cosmetics

Choosing your perfect shade has never been more difficult thanks to the closure of makeup counters, as well as restrictions on samples and testers. But Japanese company Zozo has come up with a nifty solution that helps users try before the buy – the Zozo Glass, a pair of glass which work in tandem with an AR app to help you find your perfect match. Ready for your close-up?

Learn more here.

🍔 Burger Flippin’ Falls Flat

This Monday marked International Women’s Day 2021, and as brands around the world took to social media support, the usually-brilliant team behind Burger King’s Twitter fell unfortunately short of the mark this year. Their attempt to turn the old expression ‘women belong in the kitchen’ on its head was not well-received online and overshadowed the announcement of their new scholarship program supporting women in the culinary arts.

What a pickle!

📸 AI Browses Instagram

… and gets pretty cosy with it! Facebook has trained their latest Artificial Intelligence program to recognise visuals using over one billion Instagram images, and the results were fairly impressive. The program, known as ‘SEER’, outperformed other AIs impressively in object-recognition tests, but sparked some concerns regarding privacy from Instagram users.

A new era for AI?

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