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29 May 2020


2 mins read

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Fire Up Your Friday

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Fire Up Your Friday

The four-day week has come to an end, and it will be the last of our bank holiday perks until August.

But never fear – our weekly round-up of the week’s biggest and best digital delights should lift your spirits just in time for the weekend.


☕ Robot Barista Serves Coffee in South Korea

As we find new ways to minimise social contact with one another, robot technology seems to be filling in many of the gaps. In South Korea, Vision Semicon have developed a coffee serving robot which takes customers’ orders, prepares them and brings them to the table – it’s able to make over 60 different types of coffee!

Take a look here.

💇 Remote Hairdressers Make the Cut

Hairdressers are the latest to join the legions of businesses taking their operations online. Chopp Hair salon Essex have started the ‘Chopp Drops’ program, which delivers hair treatments to customers’ doorsteps and provides them with video guidance in how to apply it. They’re not the only ones, with other salons offering similar services across the country.

Find out more here.

🎮 New PlayStation 5 Details Reveal

Next week (June 2nd) sees the official reveal of the PlayStation 5, and gamers everywhere are brimming with excitement. But we’re still getting snippets of information in advance, and this week Sony have confirmed that the new console will be 100 times faster than its predecessor thanks to its custom SSD hard drive.

See how it compares here.

🤖 AI Recreates Pacman from Scratch

In what could be a major breakthrough in game development, an AI has been able to recreate the classic game Pacman from scratch simply by watching it. The project, run by a Nvidia research team, saw the AI watch around 50,000 hours of gameplay without introducing it to any code, and its recreation is shockingly impressive.

Check it out here. 

🌍 XRSpace Releases VR World

The popularised Zoom hangout could have a rival coming later this year as XRSpace reveals Manova, a virtual reality world reminiscent of Ready Player One. It’s paired with the Mova goggles, priced at $599, which are slated for release in the next quarter.

Step into the VR world here.

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