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28 August 2020


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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Bank Holiday Brilliance

#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Bank Holiday Brilliance

The August bank holiday is upon us!

As we prepare for spectacular celebrations and inevitable sore heads for the next three days, we bring you the final blog of the month to keep you entertained as you count down the minutes to 5 o’clock.

Featuring school inspiration, savvy marketing and sci-fi throwbacks, this week’s Friday Fiver is sure to see you to the weekend with a smile.

🛋️ Ikea Catalogue Meets Animal Crossing

In a stroke of marketing genius, IKEA Taiwan have recreated a number of catalogue pages with characters and items from the hit game Animal Crossing. They’re smash-hits with fans and the real pages are shown side by side with the reproductions. While it’s not clear if Nintendo is in on this, we have to admit it’s a clever combo!

Check it out here.

⚙️ The Time Machine Is Here

After recording his entire 2019 gap year through a pair of smart glasses, YouTuber and VR artist Lucas Rizzotto realised that he could convert the footage into virtual reality, effectively creating a time machine for himself. At the touch of a button, he can revisit any moment from the previous year – but is this real-life rewind cool or creepy?

See for yourself.

👽 The Tune Is Out There

This week saw a reunion by the cast and crew of The X-Files with a rather unusual twist. The creators and stars of the cult 90s series joined together to perform a version of the iconic theme tune with lyrics written by fans Jennifer Large and Rebecca MacDonald in aid of the World Central Kitchen, a charity that provides meals for those affected by natural disasters.

Watch it here.

📚 Minecraft Goes Back To School

When the Education Edition of Minecraft hit the game’s marketplace earlier this year, there was some scepticism. But with over 63 million pieces of content downloaded since its release and huge success with teachers and pupils, it appears that it could be a game changer when it comes to virtual learning.

Find out more here.

🦸‍♀️ DC FanDome Kicks Off With Wonder Woman

To celebrate the inaugural DC FanDome, a digital alternative to ComicCon, celebrations commenced with the trailer release for Wonder Woman: 1984. A Q&A session preceding the reveal featured director Patty Jenkins, as well as actress Lynda Carter who made the character famous in the 1970s. Missed out?

Catch up here.

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