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20 November 2020


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#FridayFiver 🎄✋ – Zest Of The Web

#FridayFiver 🎄✋ – Zest Of The Web

Christmas seems to come round earlier every year.

And in 2020, people are making the most of the festive season, with some even putting up their trees already!

So this Friday, grab yourself a mulled wine or punch and soak up the festive vibes with this week’s edition of the Friday Fiver!

🤠 Roblox Concert Attended By 33 Million

Virtual concerts are fast becoming a favourite with many stars, including futuristic space cowboy Lil Nas X. The gig took place inside online game platform Roblox and was attended by 33 million players. The performance consisted of four of the rapper’s hit songs, each of which had its own themed digital set.

Catch up here!

🙂 Study Confirms Gaming Is Good For Mental Health

A recently released study by the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University has suggested that video games can in fact make a positive difference to a player’s mental health. This contravenes previous studies which have frequently suggested otherwise.

Find out more.

🐶 Bunny The Talking Dog

Alexis Devine’s dog training skills have transformed her furry friend into a TikTok star and wowed scientists in the process. Bunny ‘talks’ to her owned through the use of buttons with pre-recorded words, requesting food, water and attention. Her skills attracted the attention of a team of UC San Diego researchers who have now commenced their own Bunny-inspired study into animal language cognition.

Meet Bunny.

🏋️ Beyonce Teams Up With Fitness Co.

Top US fitness gurus Peloton have teamed up with Beyonce after it was confirmed that she was the most requested artist on the app. Her songs will provide the backdrop to a series of new classes, including running, strength, bootcamp, yoga and more.

Tune in.

💪 New Bot On The Block

Finally, a ground-breaking creation by British scientists could increase access to keyhole surgery across the UK. The machine, Versius, is operated via handheld controllers and has already completed over 1000 successful operations. It is available in a small number of NHS hospitals at current, but in the future – who knows?

Take a look.

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