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30 October 2020


2 mins read

#FridayFiver 🎃 ✋ – All Treat No Trick Digi News!

#FridayFiver 🎃 ✋ – All Treat No Trick Digi News!

Your humble (ghost)writers in the Maratopia content department are proud to present the final Friday Fiver of October 2020.

Today, we’re turning the pumpkin of your inbox into a golden carriage that delivers another fabulous blog straight to you.

Like a witch with a broom, we promise to sweep all further spooky puns under the rug for another year.

Whilst celebrations might not get much more exciting than a game of Horror Trivial Pursuit we wish you all a happy Halloween and hope you enjoy this edition of our weekly roundup.

🕵️ Bidding War For Bond

MGM are doing their best to quash speculation, but rumour has it that the big streaming channels are doing all they can to get their hands on the next 007 release. No Time To Die was tipped for a November release but has faced further delays due to the current circumstances.

We’ve been expecting you, Mr Bond.

🎓 AI Detects Alzheimer’s

An AI model developed by IBM Research is using a simple line drawing of two children stealing cookies from a jar to detect early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. The system uses voice sampling to pick up on premature warning signs, and early trials suggest the bot could pick up signals seven years earlier than human doctors with 70% accuracy!

Find out more.

🛍️ Cloud9 Introduces All-Women Esports Team

All-female Valorant squad MAJKL are the latest team to join the Cloud9 roster. They are the sixth highest paid team on the game’s competitive circuit since winning the FTW Summer Showdown, and have already snagged a sponsorship with AT&T.

Check it out.

🕹️ Smart Fabric Tracks Your Meals

From phones to TVs, watches to fridges, everything around us is getting smarter – including fabric. Microsoft, in conjunction with a number of universities, have developed the smart cloth prototype which detects what users put down on the table, including food and drinks. The technology is still under development for now, but in the future, who knows where it could lead us?

Learn more here.

🖤 Once In A Blue Moon…

Stargazers on Halloween will be treated to the rare display of a blue moon, and for the first time since World War II, people all over the world will be able to see it. This incredible natural phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye on October 31st, so keep a look out – and watch out for any werewolves.

Take a look.

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