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24 January 2020


2 mins read

#FridayFiver ✋ – Your Weekly Fistful Of Digi Delights!

#FridayFiver ✋ – Your Weekly Fistful Of Digi Delights!

Interested in digital media, marketing, tech and creativity?

Do you lack the time to trawl the internet for the latest industry insights?

Or are you simply yearning for something that looks vaguely work-related to stick on your screen on a Friday afternoon so you can safely snooze behind Homer Simpson glasses?

Enter #FridayFiver – the internet’s top 5 stories of the week carefully curated for your delectation – let’s get stuck in!

🍔 Burger King CMO’s Whoppers of Wisdom

Disruptive marketing campaigns like the infamous ‘Home of the Whopper’ built Burger King’s Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado’s reputation as a creative genius. This awesome interview from The Drum explores how he keeps his output as fresh as BK buns.

Pick Fernando’s marketing brain here

🖥️ Creative Bloq Chats Design

If you’re planning a website revamp or want to get to grips with VR or data visualisation in 2020, Creative Bloq has turned internet Nostradamus by predicting the year’s biggest design trends.

Absorb attractive aesthetics here

⚙️ New Year, New Google Algorithm Update

Is it just us, or does Google seem to announce a new core algorithm update more often than Celine Dion changes her costume at Caesar’s Palace? Anyway, there’s another one just now, so keep an eye on your rankings and once things settle contact an SEO expert if they’ve taken a nosedive.

Read about the latest Google shenanigans here

💥 Boomerang Comes Back With A Bang

TikTok’s creative effects make it the app of choice for anyone who wants to create a wacky viral meme that wins the internet – meaning that former fave Instagram has been playing catchup. However, Insta’s video loop maker has remained popular and TechCrunch has the lowdown on an update that will launch a slew of special effects that should win the hearts of creatives.

Grab the Boomerang Goss Here

🕶️ Leveraging LinkedIn Like A Legend

If you’re a B2B business that’s not on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to enhance your digital presence and nurture lucrative leads – the platform’s precise segmentation means you can maximise targeted content. This post from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog shares 21 savvy tips for attracting followers to your page.

Get In the LinkedIn groove here

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