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16 July 2021


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#FridayFiver ✋ – Your Weekend Starts Now!

#FridayFiver ✋ – Your Weekend Starts Now!

Good morning, Maratopians! And Happy Friday!

Once again it’s time for the weekend – are you as ready for it as we are?

If so, then you deserve a quick break, so check out these five stories we’ve found for you! (We promise there’s only one about the match that must not be named 🤫)

⚽ Phones Fall Silent

This week Virgin Media O2 have revealed that immediately following Sunday’s setback (that’s a kinder way of putting it, right?) data connection in England fell silent. This is in stark contrast to the spikes following England’s previous matches, peaking with their victory against Germany at the end of June. However, none of England’s Euro wins have managed to top the data spikes recorded by O2 following the Manchester City v Chelsea match in May.

Read more here.

🚀 The New Space Race

Before, when we spoke of the Space Race, we were usually referring to 20th Century battle to be the first to put a man moon. However, in 2021, our billionaires have started their own intergalactic travel plans, and while all of England had their feet firmly on the ground to watch the footie, Richard Branson touched the edge of space, beating fellow would-be astro-entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Bezos has been quick to claim that the trip doesn’t actually count. We’re sure that Bezos will have no trouble whatsoever counting his own scheduled flight next week.

See the full story here.

💄 Microsoft Teams Beauty Filter

We’ve all gotten used to the new normal of virtual offices, as we juggle – rather successfully – our work and home lives. We’ve proved that we can work just as well in our pyjamas as when we’re perfectly coiffed and presented. However, Microsoft are developing a new feature for their Teams software that will allow users to edit their appearance before joining a call – a perk for those battling poor camera quality!

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📞 Anyone Advice

In Friends, Chandler Bing said “I’m not great at advice… Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” This is not the service soon to be offered by new app Anyone. Instead, the audio connectivity company is creating an advice marketplace that connects users for just five minutes. The app will implement a ratings system in an attempt to ensure quality, and though the service sounds an awful lot like calling the switchboard operator to ask for the time, it may be the latest revolution tool for virtual connection in an increasingly online world.

Find out more about Anyone here.

🎮 $1.5 Million Mario

Many of us have those unboxed purchases that we’re sure will be worth a fortune one day… if we can ever find them in the attic that is. However, few of us dream that we’ll shatter auction records. This week a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sold for more than $1.5m. Valued by a video game collector firm, the copy of the game was reported to be in a ‘like new’ condition. Could it be time to dig out your old games? While they may not fetch quite the profit that this cartridge did, you could be sitting on a little bit of spare cash!

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