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31 January 2020


2 mins read

#FridayFiver ✋ – What Won The Internet This Week

#FridayFiver ✋ – What Won The Internet This Week

Picture the scene at your next meeting…

Colleagues are charmed and clients bewitched as you drop knowledge bombs like Blackalicious on the internet’s most inspirational digital, tech and creative news.

Your secret? Your brainbox is always bursting at the seams with brilliant insights from #FridayFiver!

Let’s get busy with this week’s gems.

📈 Cracking Content Marketing Metrics

Content is a creative art that also aims at making money – Contently’s Joe Lazauskas has been chatting about the metrics for measuring its ROI in a crystal-clear manner.

Get the juice from Joe here

😍 Creating Eye-Popping Email Designs

Deft design can transform your next email marketing campaign from meh to magnificent –  Icons8 have published a step-by-step guide on this very subject that’s a rollicking read.

Find out how to design dynamic emails here

🤯 Google gremlins fiddle featured snippets

For a while now, clever SEO copywriters have been crafting bombastic blogs that capture Google featured snippets – those prominent listings that top organic SERP results. Search Engine Journal has analysed whether a recent update has spoiled the party.

Check if Google has sunk your snippet traffic

📹 Tip-top TikTok Marketing

Viral video platform TikTok surpassed 1.5 billion downloads last year. Is it just for kids or could it be the marketing magnet you’ve been yearning for? These three tips from SocialMediaToday might help you decide.

Score your TikTok hattrick here

😭 Farewell Clayton Christensen, father of disruptive innovation

Last but by no means least, business visionary Clayton Christensen – whose disruptive innovation theory inspired the likes of Steve Jobs and Reed Hastings – has passed away aged 67. Clayton’s wisdom on life and work transcended tech and he’ll be sadly missed.

Watch Clayton’s terrific TEDx talk on how to measure your life

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