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30 July 2021


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#FridayFiver ✋ – Weekend Ready?

#FridayFiver ✋ – Weekend Ready?

Good morning, Maratopians! Friday has rolled around once again and we can’t wait for the weekend!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Tokyo Olympics this week, you might have noticed that Team GB isn’t doing too badly. Tom Daley finally got his hands on the gold medal, and in the biggest plot twist of the games, it turns out that the USA has a rugby team!

In a less fortunate turn of events, the glory of the Great British Summer appears to have abandoned us in favour of some rather dreary thunderstorms. But not to worry! A cup of tea and a quick break with our Friday Fiver should brighten your morning.

🖥️ Cartoon Zoom

Are you eager to spice up your morning Zoom call to entertain your colleagues? Fun backgrounds are of course the standard… or perhaps a pair of sunglasses so they know how cool you are. But now you can take the fun to the next level with Snapchat’s desktop app. The Snap camera has a filter called ‘cartoon style’ that will give you the typical Disney Pixar likeness. We’re sure that some of you will be jumping on this feature!

Find out how to use it here.

📺 Netflix Raids Twitter for Content

They say every story you can tell has already been told – why do you think there’s so many movie remakes? But it seems like streaming giant Netflix might finally be running out of ideas for their original content. Netflix have announced that their latest adult animated comedy will be based on the twitter account ‘Chicago Party Aunt.’ Art imitating life imitating Twitter?

Read more here.

🍩 Xbox Pairs With Krispy Kreme

These brands collabs are getting more bizarre by the day, and the latest to take the internet by storm is a ‘Nexus Level’ donut created by Krispy Kreme to celebrate twenty years of the Xbox. The sweet treat bears the logo of the iconic console, and purchasing a dozen of them will give you a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the chance to win one of Microsoft’s brand new Xbox Minis. Their marketing campaign also features a creative director named Kristina Kareem, and a quality assistance guru named Xavier Boxell. Props to them for this one!

Read about it now.

🥃 Whisky Waste Trucks

Sticking with the alcohol related news, the scotch distillery Glenfiddich have begun using the biogas generated in the whisky distilling process to fuel their delivery trucks. Glenfiddich reports that these specially adapted trucks produce 95% less carbon than they used to, and it’s a pretty neat and cost-effective way for them to get rid of their waste too!

Read the full story here.

😾 Does My Cat Hate Me?

It’s a question that every cat owner asks themselves at least once a week. We’re all familiar with that look of distain they have perfected – the one that can only come from being born with the knowledge that you were worshipped as a god in Ancient Egypt. Well, we cat owners no longer need to lie awake at night pondering the potential sinister motivations of our furry feline friends. There’s an app for it! Well, more accurately, Tably is an app which tell if you if your cat is happy or in pain, using the Feline Grimace Scale – yeah, that’s a real thing!

Read more about Tably here.

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