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17 April 2020


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#FridayFiver ?✋ – This Week’s Web Wonders

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Did your bank holiday weekend go waaay too fast? Ours did!

And while life’s not exactly back to normal, one thing’s for sure – the weekend is here once again.

So wind down, take a break, and treat yourself to our terrific tech round up!

💥 Fighting COVID-19 With… Lasers?

It might surprise you to learn that lasers are the latest weapon in the health war against coronavirus. Using a process called laser surfaced modification, metal surfaces are treated to enhance their anti-microbial properties and prevent them spreading bacteria and disease.

We’ll let these scientists explain it to you!

📼 Quibi Launches in Bid to Rival Netflix

Mobile streaming platform Quibi was launched last week, and so far it’s had 1.7 million downloads. The app offers 10-minute bitesize programming for streaming on the go and features some big names, including Chrissy Teigen, Liam Hemsworth and Idris Elba – but can it rival Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus?

Find out for yourself.

🦠 Apple and Google Collab on Contact Tracing App

Apple and Google are teaming up to develop an app that will help people find out if they’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. While it’s still in the early stages, it’s believed that the app will allow users to mark themselves as infected, and those who have been in contact with them will be alerted.

Check it out here.

📱 Next Generation iPhone Rumours

In other Apple news, details about the next generation of iPhones have been leaked. It looks like the next models will share some features with the recently released generation of iPads – including angular sides, flat screens and 3D enabled cameras. And that’s not all – the next incarnation of Apple’s flagship phone will apparently also include 5G connectivity.

Get the details here.

📺 Bring A Llama to Work Day

Sweet Farm Animal Sanctuary had a great idea about how to keep going after the coronavirus crisis put a stop to their visitors. For less than $100, you can hire a llama, goat or other animal to make an appearance in your work’s Zoom call.

You’ve goat to see this!

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