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22 April 2020


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#FridayFiver ?✋ – Lockdown Digital Delights

#FridayFiver ?✋ – Lockdown Digital Delights

Friday again! Any big plans this weekend?

Nope? – alas, neither have we! But it’s still a great chance to chill out and wind down from the work-from-home grind.

So #StayHomeStaySafe and stay entertained with our top internet stories from the week.

📚 Lets Get Learning!

Fancy cooking with Jamie Oliver? How about maths with Carol Vorderman? Or fitness with Thor? During lockdown, you can get all of these classes and more. Digital Spy has put together a whole day’s timetable of celebrity-led online classes for kids and adults during lockdown – pretty cool indeed!

Pick your lesson plan here!

💍 Could The Apple Ring Be The Next Big Thing?

Last week details were leaked about the release of the new iPhone. This week, rumours are circulating about an Apple Ring that would allow you to control other devices simply by pointing it at them. The leaked patent suggests the ring might even be able to interact with other manufacturer’s smart devices too.

Take a look here.

🎮 Facebook Launches Game Streaming Service

Facebook has accelerated the launch of its game streaming service in a bid to rival Twitch. Facebook Gaming is now available on desktop, with a mobile app that allows users to stream their phone’s screen available via the Google Store. An iOS version is yet to be released.

Follow the stream here.

⚡ A Website That Self Destructs?

Just in case the rolling pandemic news wasn’t already feeling like a bizarre dystopian movie, one clever developer has created a website which collates anonymously posted notes sent by users all over the world. The catch? If the site doesn’t get any new message for 24 hours, or 86,400 seconds, it will vanish, taking all notes with it. It’s called ‘This Website Will Self-Destruct’ and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Catch it while you can.

🌍 Celebrate Earth Day With Disney+