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8 May 2020


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#FridayFiver ?✋ – May’s Digital Magic

#FridayFiver ?✋ – May’s Digital Magic

Are you ready for the three-day weekend?

It might not feel quite the same under lockdown, but we certainly won’t be saying no to a three-day Netflix binge!

However, before you turn the telly on, wind down for the weekend with the best stories from the web this week.

💃 Teens Host Virtual Proms

It seems like everything is happening on Zoom these days – from work meetings and conferences, to weddings and graduations – so it’s no surprise that Zoom proms are becoming a popular alternative for many high schoolers.

Check out the success here.

📺 Come Dine With Me: Social Distancing Edition

In further ‘virtual innovation’ news, YouTubers Luke Catleugh, Kate McCabe and Iwan Carrington came up with the clever idea of hosting a virtual ‘Come Dine With Me’ style event on their channels. The group will prepare starters, mains and desserts and rate one another’s’ courses. All ad revenue from the series will be donated to the NHS.

Rate their efforts here.

🎮 Nintendo Switch Reaches Sell-Out Popularity

Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons coincided with the lockdown, the Nintendo Switch has seen a significant rise in sales – so much so that many online stockists have sold out. It’s handheld-only edition, the Switch Lite received a rather lukewarm reception on release, but could this be its chance to shine?

Find out more here.

😷 Disney Releases Face masks

Disney have announced the release of cloth face masks which will feature characters from Toy Story, Frozen, The Avengers and Star Wars. They have committed to donate $1m from the sale to MedShare, an organisation that distributes medical supplies to hospitals in need.

View the range here.

🚀 Zoom Backgrounds That Will Blow Your Mind

While some of us may be feeling a little Zoomed out, creative backgrounds on the video chat service have become the latest trend. Scenes of sunny beaches, cityscapes and even movie sets have been brightening up calls across the world, so we’ve found you a list of some of the best. (It even comes with a guide to tell you how to set it up).

Find out how to do it here.

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