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4 June 2021


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#FridayFiver ✋ – Journey into June

#FridayFiver ✋ – Journey into June

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year?

Neither can we!

It seems only yesterday we were ringing in the quietest New Year ever, watching January whizz past like a high-speed train, racing through February and March, and now we’re here in June!

We hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend – it’s our last for some time now. But never fear! Our Friday Fiver is here every week to bring you a quick news fix and put a smile on your face.

span>🚫 New No-Selfie Social Media Craze

Poparazzi is the latest app to take social media users by storm. The photo-sharing platform is not unlike Instagram, but it does come with a catch – users cannot share pictures of themselves. That means your profile is comprised entirely of the pictures your friends share of you, and vice versa. It seems to have taken off pretty quickly too, with half a million users already installing the app.

Social media camera obscura?

🎮 Cinemas Open Doors for Gamers

There’s no experience quite like seeing a film on the big screen for the first time. The surround sound, the mind-blowing visuals – it’s all part of the fun. But this week, Cineworld have taken it to the next level by opening their doors to gamers in a new venture which is expected to bring a boost to the chain’s revenue and could revolutionise the cinema industry.

Find out how it works.

🎶 Spotify Releases Mid-Year Roundup

Spotify Wrapped usually appears around the first week of December, and users love seeing the roundups of their favourite music from the year. So Spotify have introduced Only You, a mid-year treat which shows users the weird and wonderful musical combos they’ve enjoyed over the past few months. The feature listeners sharing them on social media left, right and centre.

Find yours here.

👑 Platinum Jubilee Sees Four-Day Weekend

News arrived this week that Brits will enjoy a four-day bank holiday weekend in June 2022 to celebrate the 70-year reign of Her Majesty the Queen. As well as a historic milestone, the event represents a much-needed cause for celebration after a difficult year. The weekend is expected to include a concert at Buckingham Palace, a service at St Paul’s Cathedral and of course, a few Great British street parties.

God Save the Queen.

💿 Late Library Return Goes Viral

62-year-old retiree Howard Simon went viral this week after the story of a late library return took the internet by storm. Simon borrowed a copy of Bob Dylan’s ‘Self Portrait’ from an Ohio library back in 1973, which travelled with him all the way to San Francisco and remained in his collection for 48 years. Upon realising his mistake, he returned it to Heights Library, who forgave his honest mistake but asked if they could share the story online, where it was well received across the world.

Like a rolling stone?

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