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23 July 2021


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#FridayFiver ✋ – Got That Friday Feeling?

#FridayFiver ✋ – Got That Friday Feeling?

Happy Friday Maratopians, it’s been a scorcher of a week! Are you melting as quickly as we are?

If so, then grab yourself an ice-cold drink and take a well-deserved break.

We know all this heat makes it hard to concentrate, but lucky for you we keep our five fabulous features nice and short.

🎮 Gaming Robots

Last week we told you about the million-dollar Mario. Well, researchers at the University of Maryland have used a 3D printer to craft a robotic hand that can play Super Mario Bros. The technology uses soft robotics and an integrated fluidic circuit to enable the agile movements required for video gaming. It took the robot hand less than 90 seconds to beat the first level of Super Mario Bros… a better record than some humans! The new owner of the treasured copy of Super Mario 64 had better keep it under lock and key in case of a robotic uprising.

Read the full story here.

🇺🇸 Austin Becomes the New Tech Hotspot

In a move some news outlets have rather amusingly been calling ‘Texit,’ there has been a huge rise in tech workers leaving California for the Lone Star State! The upheavals to the workforce brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that those in the industry are no longer necessarily tied to Silicon Valley. During the height of the pandemic, when many states had strict lockdown rules and work from home mandates, Austin saw the biggest influx of tech workers of any US City.

Read more here.

📎 The Return of Clippy

Who remembers Clippy, the helpful and rather adorable paper clip assistant? We do! Well, Microsoft have confirmed his return after killing him more than ten years ago, but not in the way that we might expect. In fact, Clippy has received what could be considered a bit of a demotion. Rather than working in his previous position as Office assistant, Clippy will instead replace the paper clip emoji on Windows devices. This marks a sad day for iPhone users, and possibly Clippy himself.

Learn more.

😂 Most Popular Emojis

Source of all emoji knowledge, Emojipedia, have release statistics of trends that defined 2020 in the emoji world, and even now, the ‘😂’ emoji remains the most popular. The Covid-19 did bring out some interesting, yet unsurprising findings. Both the ‘🦠’ and the ‘😷’ emojis saw a significant growth in usage in 2020, while the ‘✊🏾’ also saw an increase in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Emojis are being used more than ever, and we certainly love them here at Maratopia!

Read more on emoji trends here.

👏 Dino’s Olympic Makeover

Google Chrome’s built in Dinosaur Game has received a makeover ready for the Tokyo Olympic Games! When the dino runs into an Olympic torch, it transforms the usual wasteland into an Olympics themed course! First introduced in 2014 the game has become a favourite with those struggling to battle connectivity issues, as Google’s game provides some much-needed entertainment! But all is not lost if you’re internet is in good working order, simply type ‘chrome://dino’ into your address bar!

Read more here.

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