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13 August 2021


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#FridayFiver ✋ – Finally Friday

#FridayFiver ✋ – Finally Friday

Good morning, Maratopians! 

It’s been a long week, but we’ve made it. The weekend is now in our sights and we can’t wait for Saturday. 

The weather has been a bit hit and miss, and we’re back to the usual debate of whether or not to leave the house without an umbrella. (Our advice? Take the umbrella – even if you’re not planning a Gene Kelly impression, you’ll need it.)

We’re scoured the far corners of the internet for this week’s instalment, and offer no apologies for the wide array of fluffy critters we’re bringing you today! You know the drill – read on! 

☄️ Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?

Nope, just an asteroid – the exact one which wiped out the dinosaurs, in fact! Six miles wide and landing in Mexico 66 million years ago, it is thought that this recently discovered artefact was responsible for putting an end to the dinosaurs 180-million-year reign. Astronomers have also discovered that asteroids of this side escaping the main asteroid belt hit earth every 250 million years, which is ten times more often than they previously thought. Don’t start panic buying toilet roll just yet though – unless we suddenly find ourselves starring in Michael Bay’s Armageddon, we’re probably a good few million years off the next one!

Read more here.

🎨 Microsoft Paint Revamp

First introduced in 1985, Microsoft Paint has become a staple of Windows computers. And just last week, the company have announced that this beloved programme is finally getting an overdue facelift for Windows 11, giving the app a more sleek and simplified design to make it feel less like a relic of the past. Of course, most of us only use Paint from time to time, we like to know it’s there, just in case we ever need it.

Learn more here.

📱 TikTok is the Trend

In news that should come as a surprise to very few, TikTok has been named the most downloaded app of 2020. The video sharing platform saw a huge rise in popularity during lockdown – anything to pass the monotony of one moment to the next, right? – and took the spot that was previously occupied by Facebook Messenger, becoming a fast favourite for Zoomers and marketeers alike.

Check the full story here.

🐰 Rare Rabbit Rescued

The Sumatran Stripped rabbit is the world’s rarest bunny and hardly ever seen, so the appearance of one on social media was bound to raise a few eyebrows. The rabbit is thought to have been captured by an opportunistic farmer, but national park officials in Indonesia were able to track the bunny down and return it to its natural habitat after photos of it were posted on Facebook. We are pleased to report the rare hare appears to be doing well since its return.

Take a look.

🐀 Ticklish Rats

Keeping with the rodent news, scientists researching what happens to the brain when we’re tickled, using rats to model human biology, and have discovered that tickling enhances their emotional well-being to the point where some will even giggle! A University of New England professor of animal behaviour has been quick to point out that, like humans, not all rats like to be tickled – so keep that in mind next time you plan on remaking Ratatouille in your own kitchen.

See it here.

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