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14 February 2020


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#FridayFiver ✋ – Digital News That’s Out Of This World!

#FridayFiver ✋ – Digital News That’s Out Of This World!

How’s 2020 treating you so far?

Is everything cool for cats or has it all gone a bit Pete Tong?

Relax – #FridayFiver will make everything feel fabulous with this quality quintet of wild, weird and wonderful internet stories.

Let’s feast on this week’s treats…

👩‍🚀 Spacey – Christina Koch’s Giant Leap For Womankind

NASA astronaut Christina Koch recently parachuted down into a Kazakhstan desert after a record-breaking 328 days on board the International Space Station. VideoFromSpace has created a mind-blowing highlight reel that includes space walks, space selfies and space cookies – enjoy!

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✍ Clever written content answers latent questions

Google’s BERT natural language processing model predicts the precise answers people really want when they make more general search queries. SEJ’s Roger Montti believes writing content that answers these latent queries can take your SEO to the next level so we should all perk up and pay attention.

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🤖 Japan’s Robot Revolution

Rather than stealing our jobs and starting WWIII, could robots catalyse more caring societies? The Beeb has been to Japan to investigate.

Amicable androids await your attention

💻 Tricks From Netflix

Webdesigner Depot’s Suzanne Scacca has penned a persuasive piece where she highlights a hattrick of UX hacks from Netflix – well worth a look if you want to design a website that draws customers in and delivers an excellent experience.

Grab Netflix UX Knowledge

🌍 Google Maps 15th Birthday Bash

If Google Maps was a Latina, it would be celebrating its quinceanera by donning an elegant dress, eating cake and dancing the night away with its amigos. But because it’s an app, it decided to mark the big 15 with five new navigation tabs and a logo that looks a bit like a balloon – Google Maps VP of Product Dane Glasgow has delivered your party invite.

Go Wild With Google Maps!

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