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13 March 2020


2 mins read

#FridayFiver ✋ – Box-fresh Brainfood From The Internet

#FridayFiver ✋ – Box-fresh Brainfood From The Internet

Desperate for a distraction from the sea of troubles swamping your inbox?

Need to look busy so your boss doesn’t delegate another boring task?

Seeking shelter from the slings and arrows of office life?

Hide inside the #FridayFiver for a while – it’s funkier than a dancing bus driver!

Here are this week’s hottest stories.

📲 Google Maxes Out Mobile-First

Google has been prioritising the mobile version of your website for quite a while, which makes responsive web design crucial. But according to Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz, the search engine giant will use mobile-first indexing to crawl and index all sites by September 2020.

Get the Google goss from Baz here

✍️ Penning The Perfect Social Media Post

As a general rule of thumb, social media posts should be as short, sharp and punchy as a punk track by Die Arzte. But with various character limits on each platform, how long should a post be to grab great engagement? Social Media Today’s Andrew Hutchinson has shared an enlightening infographic with all the answers!

Get precise with post lengths

🧏 Awesome App Accessibility

Making apps accessible for people with disabilities can be tricky for web developers, but it’s crucial for organisations who need to share glitch-free info on products and services with a diverse clientele. TechTarget’s Darryl K Taft has been talking to testing vendor Applause about a tool that helps enlightened developers iron out sticky accessibility problems from the start.

Improve your app accessibility awareness

🤯 All hail inspirational idiots

If everyone was too afraid to make a fool of themselves, some of our greatest creative ideas would never see the light of day. AdWeek’s David Griner has found a funny new ad from fizzy drink floggers Fanta that reminds us all how amazing idiots are by parodying previous campaigns from the likes of Nike.

Unleash your inner idiot here

🌋 Fiery Wire Walking

The German-American Wallendas are a daredevil dynasty who have been entertaining the public for generations by pushing themselves to the limit with a series of death-defying stunts. And their latest nerve-shredding escapade saw Nik Wallenda walking across the mouth of an active volcano in Nicaragua – as you do! So what can we learn from this? As Nik’s great grandfather Karl said: ‘Life is lived out on the wire. The rest is just waiting’.

Watch Nik’s eye-popping volcano walk

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