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28 May 2021


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#FridayFiver ✋ – Bank Holiday Bonanza

#FridayFiver ✋ – Bank Holiday Bonanza

Happy Friday!

This isn’t just Friday – this is the Friday before a bank holiday weekend.

That’s right, three whole days off to go just about wherever we like! The freedom is honestly too much to handle. I’d better go and have a lie down.

Anyway, it’s been an eventful week as always, so we’ve rounded up a few nuggets of news you might just have missed on your daily scroll through the feeds.

⭐ One Man’s Journey To TikTok Stardom

TikTok is a platform where just about anyone can find their audience, and no one knows this better than disability advocate Spencer West. A double-amputee, West’s videos raise awareness and educate people about the realities of living with his disability. So far his videos have received over 53 million likes and earned him over three million followers, whose response to his message is overwhelmingly positive.

Check out his work here.

🎤 Eurovision Star’s Words of Wisdom

Ahhh, Eurovision. Of all the international events we compete in, we have to admit this isn’t our strongest. Still, we couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for our 2021 entry James Newman, who returned from Rotterdam with a humble nil point in spite of his best efforts. Bravely, Newman is undeterred and seems to have taken it on the chin, saying “The times when it doesn’t play out how you hoped it might, teach you how to pick yourself up and be stronger.” Wise worse, James.

Relieve Eurovision 2021 on Spotify.

🌕 Super Flower Blood Moon

No, that’s not a made-up addition to the latest Mario Kart game. Instead, it’s the name for the slightly reddish moon you may have seen hovering in the sky on Tuesday evening earlier this week. This spectacular phenomenon was the result of the moon lying at its closest point to the Earth during its orbit, whilst the lunar eclipse was happening at the exact same time, and was captured on camera across the globe.

Take a look at these stunning shots.

🐛 Tributes to Eric Carle

This week, the world said goodbye to children’s author Eric Carle, creator of the beloved Very Hungry Caterpillar and countless other renowned works. Tributes have been pouring in from famous names as well as the general public, reminding us just how special his work truly way. RIP.

Eric Carle remembered.

🔎 Google’s Latest Update

And finally, a word on Google’s latest algorithm update. As of May 22nd, the new update is off the charts. Catch up with the latest chatter below to find out what you’ve missed.

Find out more.

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