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6 August 2021


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#FridayFiver ✋ – August Already

#FridayFiver ✋ – August Already

Happy Friday, Maratopians! Can you believe it’s already August? Where has the year gone?

We’ve had a busy week here at Maratopia Towers, and now we’re simply counting down the minutes until the weekend. That said, wishing the time away probably has something to do with how we suddenly find ourselves in August.

We’re sure you’re as eager to clock off as we are, so grab yourself a hot drink, put your feet up, and check out these five fab stories we’ve found for you!

💉The Oxford Barbie

Manufacturer Mattel have released six inspiring STEM themed dolls, one of which is based on Oxford Vaccine designer, Sarah Gilbert. This move could introduce a new generation of children to careers they may never have considered, such as vaccinologist. The Oxford Vaccine is now the most widely used covid vaccine, and as well as her plastic replica, Gilbert has been honoured with a damehood.

Learn more here.

🤖R2-D2 Tamagotchi

Did you know that Tamagotchis still existed? Because we didn’t! Ours died in the early 2000s when caring for the virtual pet became far too much trouble. Yet, Star Wars’s R2-D2 is now a Tamagotchi toy! As it’s probably been about 20 years since anyone actually bought a Tamagotchi, we aren’t sure why Disney and Tamagotchi felt the need to team up. But if you love a bit of nostalgia, then here’s a bit of procrastination for you.

Read more here.

📷Lego Photography

Speaking of Star Wars, a Dorset photographer has found a creative new project to take on after building all of his Lego Star Wars kits. Daniel Sands has started taking cinematic photographs of his sets in an effort to kill time during lockdown.

Check out the photos here.

🎤Hey, Check Out This Video!

The official video for Lancashire native Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ has now hit 1 billion views on YouTube – thanks to the infamous Rick Roll prank. While 1 billion views on YouTube isn’t quite the achievement that it once was, it stands as a true testament to the popularity of the prank. We certainly remember a time when you couldn’t click a link you’d been sent without hearing that intro!

Read the full story here.

🌍Ancient Globe

It’s well known that the earth has changed a lot over the last 750 million years. Now you can see where your hometown would haven at different points in Earth’s history! It’s a pretty interesting way to pass some of the day – we certainly lost an hour or two to this!

Learn more here.

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