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14 May 2021


2 mins read

#FridayFiver ✋ – Are You Ready?

#FridayFiver ✋ – Are You Ready?

Happy Friday everyone!

We hope your evening trips to the pub haven’t been marred too much by the less-than-glorious weather this week.

But if they have, fear not – as of Monday, restaurants in England will be opening their doors to allow patrons inside. Isn’t that fancy?

We can’t wait to tuck into a three-course meal in a venue with indoor heating, indoor seating – indoor everything, really.

But in the meantime, feast your eyes on these five stories from around the web this week.

🚀 Chinese Rocket Landing

Those of you who’ve been watching the Chinese rocket with bated breath can heave a sigh of relief – Long March 5B landed in the Indian Ocean and despite fears it may hit a populated area, there have been no reports of injuries or damage.

Thank goodness for that.

💰 Twitter Introduces Tip Jars

Twitter’s latest new feature is great news for the platform’s creators and fundraisers, allowing them to receive tips from readers that enjoy their work through the addition of a simple payment button on their profile. The feature is seeing a limited roll-out for now, but Twitter HQ have confirmed that more people will be able to add the function to their profile in the near future.

Cashing in!

✅ Puzzler AI Solves Crosswords

He may be an author, scientist, magician and stunt plane pilot. But to Dr Matt Ginsberg’s ire, he simply could not solve a crossword puzzle. That’s why he created Dr Fill, an intuitive AI that could do it for him. The machine’s ability to solve clues represents an incredible step in artificial neural networks, and the programme has just won the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. You know what they say. If you want something done properly, you have to create an AI to do it for you.

Filling in the blanks.

☄️ The Sound of Ingenuity

Hear that? That’s the sound of ingenuity!
This is no bizarre conceptual statement – for the first time one spacecraft has recorded the sounds of another, on a different planet. This week NASA have released the footage of its Ingenuity robot’s fourth flight, as recorded on Mars by the Perseverance Rover.

One small step for robot kind.

💾 Floppy Disk’s Final Farewell

Microsoft’s new interface, codenamed Sun Valley, is set to switch up some of the classic icons users have been familiar with since Windows 95. The new update will feature a newer, sleeker screen to replace the CRT monitor and a new design to the classic floppy disk image. What can we say? It’s a sign of the times.

New and improved.

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