Digital Marketing


22 May 2019


2 mins read

My digital marketing internship – thoughts, tips and takeaways

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

Hiya, I’m Hannah, a digital marketing intern here at Maratopia.

Since my stint’s coming to an end, I thought that jotting down some of my thoughts about the whole experience might prove useful to anyone who might follow in my footsteps, or is simply interested in the reasons why an internship can be worthwhile.


I first set out looking for some work experience in the marketing or creative sector whilst taking some time out from my studies. And that was when I stumbled across a certain digital marketing agency… you’ve guessed it, Maratopia.

Maratopia is a comprehensive digital agency that works with businesses ranging from start-ups to multinationals, so my new workmates are their in-house team of experts who focus on finding cool and clever ways to take online businesses to the next level.

By analysing data to identify potential customers who have high intent to engage with businesses, we produce tailor-made content marketing campaigns and digital strategies that boost sales and brand awareness.

Diverse duties

As an intern, I’ve been able to get insider insights to what it’s like to work at a busy and dynamic digital marketing agency.

So over the past few months, I’ve been set different tasks in the office – such as writing and uploading blog content, crawling websites, basic SEO, and even taking my place in the tea making rota.

I’ve been interning at Maratopia since February while fitting in my hours alongside a part-time job and I feel that through this hands-on experience, I’ve learned so much more than I would have in a classroom. For instance, having the opportunity to sit through strategic meetings and use software such as WordPress has really given me the broad and deep experience I was looking for.

Alongside getting to grips with what it’s like to work as part of a marketing team, as an intern you’re always encouraged to self-learn and work towards gaining Google qualifications. I’ve already earned an achievement for Google Analytics beginners and I’m currently trying to pass the Google AdWords assessment – it’s no easy feat, but hopefully third time lucky!

Vocational value

A degree isn’t the only thing that employers look for and relevant work experience can help you differentiate yourself from competing candidates.

According to UCAS, two thirds of employers seek and hire graduates that have relevant work experience, as they will have more career-specific skills and knowledge. And apart from its CV-boosting power, an internship is a brilliant way to take a test run in a career to see if it suits you – this is what originally drew me towards getting some experience under my belt.

Many internships can help set a foundation for your future career as well as building up your CV, which is a brilliant double-whammy.

Future plans

After my internship, I hope to complete a full time design course at The University of Leeds which incorporates design, branding and marketing modules.

Then, with my degree and internship under my belt, I want to start a career in the creative marketing sector, so fingers crossed!

Interning at Maratopia has been a great opportunity for me and an excellent eye opener – I hope that I don’t become a stranger to the agency in the future.