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Want customers to click with you right away?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is just about as good as it gets.


Because PPC ads pop up instantly in front of customers’ eyes right at the top of search engine results pages, in direct response to them searching for the exact things you’re selling.

Make sure that your ad is packed with on-point, persuasive copywriting and it’ll be the first one that the customer clicks, leading them straight to your superb products and services.

So PPC turbocharges your results when your sales need a shot in the arm, or if you’re introducing an exciting new range and want to grab the greatest digital real estate on Google and other search engines.

But you can also use PPC on social media too in order to drive valuable conversations with customers and convince them to get on board with your brand. Plus, it complements your SEO efforts perfectly!

Paid ads are a much more targeted and sophisticated way of connecting with customers at the exact moment when they’re primed for a purchase than investing in TV and radio ads or billboards, because with PPC you already know that your potential customer is in the mood to buy, rather than crossing your fingers that they’re receptive when they happen to meet you randomly through mainstream marketing.

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PPC Services in London

There are a few different types of PPC you can use to make your London company stand out from the crowd and start generating profits from your online presence.

Whether you’re a plumber in Peckham, a carpenter in Camberwell or a craft beer bar in Chelsea, the following PPC services can benefit your bottom line:


Paid Social Media

If you know that your potential customers like to hang out on a particular social media platform, it makes sense that you meet them there.

But building up engagement on social organically can be very tricky and time-consuming unless you’re committed to spending cash on high-quality, evergreen organic social content and in any event, social platforms like to keep their members right there onsite, so they often set their algorithms so that any content linking elsewhere is demoted on feeds.

However, paid social media on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter uses savvy demographic and psychographic information to connect with your customers using quality content that sticks to the conversational conventions of each platform and gets your brand right in front of high intent consumers. By using social listening tools, our paid social pros can work out they type of content that your customers will love and because you’re paying for it to be published, it won’t get drowned out by every other message fired customers’ way.

Add paid social to paid display and paid search and you’ll soon be a triple threat to all of your competitors.

Add PPC to a robust digital marketing strategy including SEO, website design & development and content, and the sky is the limit!


Paid Display

While paid search PPC is already pretty clever, you can increase your chances of connecting with customers by not only meeting them at the same moment they’re searching for you, but also connecting at lots of different stages of the buyer journey.

Paid display ads do this by crunching data on their online habits and behaviour in order to connect with them when they’re broadly interested in what you’re selling but before they’ve actually considered buying and also, once they’ve shown interest by visiting your site but, for whatever reason, left without making a purchase.

If you’ve ever been surprised that a hammock, houseplant or harissa paste you’ve recently looked at seems to be following you around online, paid display ads are the reason why and they’ve very effective at drawing back customers to the point of purchase when their busy lives have got in the way of them completing a transaction.

Paid display ads come in a wide range of entertaining and engaging forms such as carousel slideshows and videos, and when you add them to your paid ad armoury along with paid search, you’ll be close at hand for customers at every stage of the buying journey, subtly guiding them back on track until your till is ringing.


Paid Search

Climbing up those search engine rankings through good, solid SEO techniques is always a fantastic foundation for establishing an online presence that lasts, but it takes time – especially if you’re starting from scratch, it can take a good few months to make an impression in a competitive marketplace, and around a year to really make your mark consistently.

However, throw some strategically developed and data-driven PPC ads in the mix and you’ll make an instant positive impression by popping up in front of customers’ peepers when they need you most.

Other search platforms are available (and we can write ads for them too!) but Google dominates at the moment and there’s a good chance it’s the best choice for your foray into the world of paid ads. If you’ve been looking for a Google ads agency in London, we’ll be right up your street because we’re a Google Partner and all of our cracking PPC team are Google Ads certified and can sniff out a smashing paid ad opportunity like basset hounds homing in on a buried stash of lip-smacking sausages.

We’ll work out the most clickable keywords for your ad campaigns and groups and conduct A/B testing right away so that we fast-track the iterative process of finding out which ads hit the nail on the head with customers and make them powerless to resist pushing that button!

Naturally, paid search ads are just one part of the process – you’ll need kick-ass conversion copywriting on the website page customers land on after clicking your ad, in order to welcome them warmly and provide them with the relevant info they need to stay, sign up and buy with minimum hassle. If your website doesn’t deliver what your ad promises, it’s a problem, but one that our brilliant UX (User Experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and Content teams can remedy with their razor-sharp skills.

By nature, paid ads cost money, but your PPC manager will always help you make the most of your budget and advise on the best strategy to deliver an ROI that rocks.

London PPC Specialists

Get Quality PPC Services

When you want PPC experts that ‘get’ what you’re all about quickly and can design paid ad campaigns and strategies that grab great results fast, you need experts like Maratopia.

Our wide range of specialist PPC services means that we can provide you with a great range of niche services that you can pick and choose as individual components or adopt as a holistic PPC package that’s customised for your business.

Feast your eyes on our lip-smacking PPC specialisms below!

PPC Management and Campaign Planning

Serious London PPC management doesn’t take a scattergun approach, which is why we’ll carefully plan your strategy from the start by listening closely to your requirements and goals, then planning, deploying and managing your PPC campaigns so that they deliver great results. We’ll report back to you as regularly as you request and ensure that feedback is always presented in s straightforward and digestible manner, with KPIs highlighted totally transparently.

Ad Copy By Real Writers

You probably wouldn’t ask a plumber to perform brain surgery and chances are a brain surgeon would make a right royal mess of unblocking your toilet. So it’s pretty mind-boggling that some digital agencies don’t use their in-house copywriters to write their PPC ads and instead use staff who don’t have a way with words (at least on a pro level) or worse, subcontract their writing to low-quality content farms. You’ll be glad to know that we don’t do that at Maratopia – your paid ads will be written by our in-house copywriters who have years of experience studying what makes customers tick and crafting concise copy that makes them click.

On-point display ad design

Words come first in the world of PPC, but when it comes to display ads, their power is diminished if they’re not complemented by beautiful visual design and intuitive, intelligent and interactive ad formats that are fun and work fantastically well. You’re literally catching a potential customer’s eye with a paid ad, so our in-house design team will make sure that yours is the one that pleasures their peepers the most and makes clicking as irresistible as a freshly baked flapjack is to a snack fanatic.

Ongoing campaign optimisation

Solid foundations of digital marketing don’t change from day today but nevertheless it is a fast-paced world where algorithms can change quickly, and customer habits and behaviours shift. All of which means that a good PPC agency remains alert and agile, constantly monitoring your paid social, remarketing ad and social campaigns, ready to make tweaks and optimisations whenever necessary because what’s performing well one day or week might be old hat the next. Whatever the slings and arrows of the digital world, you can be sure that we’re always on hand to ensure your PPC campaigns ride the storm and keep performing at peak level.

Plain English audit

Ad formats have limited character counts so there’s no room to waffle. And if you use up your space with jargon, customers won’t have a scooby doo what you’re on about – which is why we write Plain English ads that connect with customers in a short but sweet way. When you want concise copy that would (probably) make Hemingway himself stroke his beard appreciatively, make it Maratopia.

Landing page optimisation

As we’ve said, when a potential customer clicks on your pristine paid ad and the landing page it takes them to looks totally irrelevant or it takes an absolute age to provide them with pertinent info it makes them want to smack you firmly around the chops (figuratively speaking). We’ll ensure that your landing pages are perfectly aligned with the ads that leas to them so that everything is smooth and seamless and buying from you is easy.

Smooth integration with other channels

Any London PPC management company worth its salt will ensure that PPC fits into your complementary digital marketing campaigns smoothly and seamlessly. We’ll make sure that your content, SEO, and PPC are as in tune as a Beach Boys harmony.

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PPC Case Studies

We could wax lyrical all day about our PPC superpowers, but you probably want to see some examples of real-life clients who we’ve helped with data-driven, laser-focused paid ad campaigns?

Feast your eyes on our case studies – with everything from high street couture to travel and higher education in the mix, you’ll appreciate how deep and diverse our skillset is.

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