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From dentists to door suppliers, vets to visual content agencies, and educators to e-commerce, at Maratopia we’ve already helped brands big and small meet their business goals.

Check out the case studies below to see how we’ve built websites, optimised content, and managed SEO strategies for a wide range of industry innovators and historic institutions. Like what you see? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.
Featured image for “AX Paris”

AX Paris

Prior to April 2016, AX Paris was spending too much on a single conversion through their paid channel, which is why Maratopia was enlisted to bring this Cost-Per-Conversion figure down.

We would be able to do this using Keyword, Shopping & Remarketing PPC campaign types.

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Property Lisbon

Property Lisbon are real estate specialists in Portugal with an emphasis on investment. When they came to us, the client sought to improve their trust flow in search engines, as well as their overall SEO performance.

Featured image for “Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning”

Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning

Anglia Ruskin University Distance Learning is one of the major providers of distance learning in the country, supplying vocational courses for professionals in subjects as diverse as Applied Linguistics, Leadership Skills, and even a course promoting effective management in football.

When launching its distance learning brand and products six years ago, Anglia Ruskin Distance needed to quickly reach its target market and compete against other universities offering already established distance learning platforms.

This required a speedy response from us – a strategy which allowed for the efficient introduction of eye-catching content and marketing for our client.

Featured image for “Sandymount Pet Hospital”

Sandymount Pet Hospital

Sandymount Pet Hospital in Dublin have over 70 years of experience in veterinary care. But their outdated website didn’t reflect their expertise, nor was it converting. They wanted a site that would modernise their brand whilst keeping it simple.

Featured image for “Future Fit Training”

Future Fit Training

Future Fit Training is a leading light when it comes to fitness instructor courses, providing fully accredited courses for anyone with a passion for the art of good health. Established in 1993 with the aim of creating a more effective and fully rounded fitness workforce, the company has created high-quality courses which left 96 per cent of its graduates “completely satisfied”.

Despite this success in helping fitness professionals meet their maximum potential, Future Fit Training needed our help to boost its web presence and maximise its audience reach.

Featured image for “YPO”


YPO supply pens, papers, computers, furniture and almost 30,000 other products to schools up and down the UK, and is 100% publicly owned, so the profits made by YPO are returned to its public sector customers, providing the public with fantastic value for money.

To boost the visibility of certain sections of its site, its sports equipment in particular, YPO hired us to facilitate strong yet cost effective pay per click (PPC) campaigns that would have a direct impact on its profits.

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