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What’s A Technical SEO Audit?

In SEO by Steve Harvey-Franklin

A technical SEO audit is a website inspection process that analyses search engine ranking factors like keyword relevance, internal link structure and content quality, then identifies improvements that secure a higher ranking when a site is crawled and indexed by search engine spiders.

10 Signs Switch SEO Agency

10 Signs You Should Switch SEO Agency

In SEO by Maratopia

SEO agencies are home to skilled digital marketing experts who use innovative organic (non-paid) marketing techniques that are favoured by the search engines, to help businesses rise to the top of the search rankings, so …

5 strategy tips for successful SEO blogger outreach

5 strategy tips for successful SEO blogger outreach

In SEO by Robbie

SEO blogger outreach is a strategy that involves partnering with established bloggers to publish quality content on their trusted and high-traffic blogs. This builds links for your website and boosts your search engine rankings.

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10 Ways To Craft Content For SEO

In SEO by Steve Harvey-Franklin

SEO-friendly content is carefully crafted to capture a high ranking on search engines like Google. Optimising content like blogs and videos for SEO ensures it’s relevant to popular search topics, phrases and keywords and formatted to satisfy user experience (UX) and search spiders.