Looking for truly talented people…

We are always on the lookout for truly talented people

If you are Huddersfield based and have talents in the following areas we’d love to hear from you for part time, full time or freelance positions:

  • Server Administration
  • Developers (Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3)
  • Graphic Design (for Web)
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Business  Development and Account Management

Why build a career with us:

Our mission is to be our clients’ most trusted advisor, we therefore need customer focused data driven and creative talents to deliver the best results to our clients.

We are very much a family and do our best to support each other. We’re a diverse bunch and find that works for us and our clients.

We’re an ambitious company, seeking to grow and make a real difference to challenger and other ambitious brands.

Internships & Work Experience

We are always looking to bring on new talent and are happy to consider internships from talented individuals looking to make a mark in any of our disciplines.

Digital Marketing

We will aim to get you Google Adwords and Analytics qualified and teach you how to analyse and SEO a website

Web Design and Development

You’ll build on your coding and or design skills with the opportunity to design or build websites under the guidance of an expert and may also get exposure to server and support issues.

Current Positions

  • junior content developer job vacancy
    10 Reasons You Should Be Our New Junior Content Developer
    Are you our new Junior Content Developer?Picture the scene… You’re sitting in your ecru cubicle office watching the rain cascading down the window. Your email pings and it’s the fifth message you’ve had from your boss in a half hour – each one demanding another mind-numbing task that should be on his to-do list rather than yours. As he idly plucks stale sausage roll pastry from his sticky fingertips, you clock off for lunch, then desperately try to distract yourself with a good book – all the while wondering how you can escape this dire administrative dystopia. Daydream no more dear reader – because there’s an awesome Junior Content Developer role on offer at Maratopia and it might be the blast of creative sunshine that blows those corporate clouds apart! But are you really the right person to crank out cracking copy that grabs Google by the scruff of its multicoloured neck and lights up websites around the world? If you tick enough of the following 10 boxes, darn tootin you are! 1. You’ve got a good grasp of grammarIf you know your antonyms from your synonyms and can separate similes from metaphors, that’s magnificent – and extra points if you’ve got an opinion on the comparative elegance of the em dash or en dash. But at the very least, you should know how to use capitals, commas and full stops to write sentences that make sense – gauge your grammar skills with this Guardian quiz. 2. You read widely and recognise good writing from different genresYour favourite type of books might be anything from hardboiled detective fiction to the Harry Potter series. But if you read widely enough, you’ll recognise quality writing in any genre – this will help you write about a huge range of topics and develop a distinctive voice, tone and style for each client. 3. You're CreativeWe want a bright spark with a thirst for knowledge and lots of interesting ideas about all sorts of topics. You’ll need to be a thinker as well as a writer, because we need your sizzling synapses to keep developing fresh and funky new content. 4. You’ve got an interest in digital marketingAlthough writing will be your core skill, since you’ll be working in the digital domain, having an interest in things like Google and social media is a great bonus. But don’t stress if your digital knowledge is basic, because you’ll absorb lots of exciting and useful information throughout your development. 5. You’re resilient and disciplinedLife-work balance is important, but we work hard at Maratopia and a Junior Content Developer has to be tough as well as creative and intelligent. You need thick skin to handle constructive criticism and use it to grow – and stamina to produce quality writing to tight deadlines. 6. You’re a good team playerWriting isn’t always the most social activity – it involves lots of focused solo time spent thinking and tapping away at a keyboard. But good content ideas don’t develop in a vacuum either, so you’ll work closely with existing members of the Content Team and the wider company to bounce concepts off each other and come up with suggestions that brilliantly blend style and substance. 7. You’re a good listenerAlthough we appreciate arty aesthetics, some of the writing we do is precise and technical. This means that, while you’re being trained, you’ll have to listen keenly to instructions to learn best practice for particular tasks. You’ll follow the rules first, then you can freestyle a little. 8. You feel comfortable chattingWhile we appreciate well-tuned ears, there’s no requirement to sit in silence. So you’ll need to feel comfortable chatting to team-mates about all things work-related and anything else that really floats your boat. Once you feel confident sharing your thoughts at work, we’ll involve you in client conversations when you’re ready, because we’ll value what you’ve got to say. 9. You're A Problem-SolverAt heart, Maratopia is a business that solves problems for other businesses. We might find creative and cool ways to do this, but we also prize pragmatic, practical skills. If you embody this balance, you can help us strike gold. 10. You’re ready to become a skilled professional writerBy the time you’re fully trained, you’ll have banished writer’s block forever and be able to craft reams of pulsating prose on everything from cleanfluencers in Canberra to Wu-Tang Clan superfans in Sheffield. Plus, you’ll have taken the first solid steps in a digital sector that looks set to go from strength to strength. Pretty sweet, right? Are you our new Junior Content Developer? Drop a few legendary lines here to explain why or call us on 01484 443322 to chat.

We’re not actively seeking at the moment, but would love to hear from anyone wanting to develop their careers with us.

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