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11 March 2019


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5-step Brexit survival guide for your business

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As Brexit proceeds with the precision of a Bavarian cuckoo clock, the following quirksome questions are thrown up like bread from a Bordeaux baguette museum:

  • can we reach a backstop compromise that simultaneously satisfies the ERG, Ireland, the wider EU and global stakeholders?
  • is splendid isolation possible in a post-imperial landscape?
  • can Theresa May solve the greatest geopolitical puzzle of our era through the diplomatic power of copycat dancing?

We wait with bated breath for answers to these brain-teasers. But in the meantime, we’ve formulated a five-step Brexit survival guide for your business — fill your boots and get informed.

Data Protection

Still bamboozled by GDPR, PECR, DPA 2018 and the raft of associated compliance requirements? Read this accessible ICO guidance to data protection and Brexit — it isn’t all bad news.

Digital marketing

Post-Brexit, digital marketing might be one of the best passports for doing business across borders. So if you’re expanding, ensure that your well-designed website is mobile-friendly and SEO-optimised for each territory, and that branding is adapted for overseas markets.

Domain names

Subject to intermediate measures that might feature in the withdrawal agreement, the EU has issued a notice stating that after Britain exits, UK-based companies will no longer be able to register new .eu domain names or renew existing ones. It’s unclear whether .eu domain names owned by UK firms will be rescinded at that point — but as a precaution, you can either switch ownership of your .eu domain to part of your business based elsewhere in the EU or register an alternative domain name to redirect traffic swiftly

EU citizen settlement scheme

If you, your family and/or employees are EU citizens living and working in the UK and need to regularise your immigration status rapidly, apply to the EU settlement scheme. It opens fully from March 30th 2019.

International recruitment post-Brexit

We don’t yet know exactly how recruiting international candidates will work after Brexit. But if you want to read what the current government is planning, read their white paper on the UK’s future skills-based immigration system.

And if you don’t think believe this approach aligns with your business needs, find contact details for your MP and ask them what they’re going to do about it at TheyWorkForYou.

If you’re not feeling buoyant about Brexit, our survival guide should help you float through to the flipside.

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