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7 May 2019


2 mins read

ART-Maps – clever web design for a creative business

Maratopia Digital Marketing Ltd

It’s not often that we meet a local entrepreneur whose business vision literally makes us see the world differently.

But that’s exactly what happened when Dale Woods approached us to design a website for ART-Maps – geological survey maps repurposed into sublime creative prints.

Our journey towards launching Dale’s site was driven by the same spirit of serendipitous discovery that inspires his art.

Gifts from the past

Dale’s innovative business idea was born when he inherited a number of old Bartholomew’s, Ordinance Survey and geological survey edition maps from a much-admired relative.

Having studied geology at university, he always had a deep aesthetic appreciation for the unique, undulating patterns which landscapes are moulded into by natural forces in a state of flux over many millennia.

And he realised that by removing the topological text in these heirlooms, their outstanding organic form, flow and shape would be foregrounded – and the creative end result would rival anything produced by artists like Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock.

The brief

Naturally, Dale wanted his stunning products to take centre stage on his website.

So he requested a clean, modern website design with high-quality images of his maps, and asked if we could develop a method for site visitors to home in on their fine details so that the user experience was more interactive and immersive.

The site should also be simple to navigate, and feature a blog where Dale could provide more information on the brilliant backstory to his business and update visitors on the latest developments.

Our solution

Sometimes simple ideas are the most sophisticated, and that’s the approach we took with

The finished site features:

  • An attractive home page that displays the geological maps in all their aesthetic glory.
  • A four-page layout that’s a pleasure for visitors to navigate.
  • Full mobile optimisation so that customers browsing on their phones have the same excellent user experience as those using PCs.
  • A close-up zoom feature which brings every nook and cranny of the prints to life.

The result

Our team absolutely loved working on this fascinating project.

But more importantly, Dale is an extremely satisfied customer, and went to the trouble of leaving us a lovely 5-star review on Google, saying that we’re:

‘very helpful and quick to understand my requirements for a new website’.

We wish ART-Maps all the best and believe that the website we’ve created will help this brilliant new business chart a smooth course to success.

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