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First impressions last – which is why a beautiful website that works brilliantly captures customer attention in a split second and persuades them to stick around and get to know your brand better.

When your website looks aesthetically awesome, is optimised for all devices and primed for SEO performance, it’s a powerful weapon in your business arsenal.

Maratopia has years of experience in web design and development – providing dynamic website solutions for a wide range of companies in diverse sectors. Working with popular platforms like WordPress, Magento and Laravel, we can craft a customised site that your customers will love and which drives conversions.

Whether you need a website built and designed from scratch, with SEO and content combined in a comprehensive digital marketing package or an existing site totally transformed or tweaked, we bring you the best possible result for your budget.

If you’ve been yearning for a website designed for business success, you’re in the right place!

Our Approach To Wonderful Web Design

You want a website that looks attractive to customers and delivers the vital information they’re searching for in instant, interesting and inspirational ways.

Plus, you also need to make sure that your site also satisfies search spiders from influential search engines like google.

Enter Maratopia, a leading web design company in Leeds with the creative and technical chops to deliver the website double whammy that makes customers and search engines smile.

Whatever your company size or business model, we can create a beautiful bespoke website that takes your digital presence to the next level and sets you up for the success you deserve. Take a look at our building blocks for outstanding web design:

Get Found Online

Leeds PPC Services

There are several types of PPC that can help your Leeds firm get found online and make money. Here are a few paid ad disciplines we can help you to capitalise on:

Brand-aligned websites

First thing’s first – we won’t forge ahead and start designing a website until we know all the important details about your brand, customers, mission and values.

Because one thing that differentiates us from most Leeds website designers is that we’re completely customer-centric. We want to get to know you well so that we know what drives you as a brand, the things that excite and engage your customers, and what your ultimate purpose is.

Your website is an immersive machine customers step into in order to take a journey with your brand and buy into the things that make you tick, so it’s got to be aligned with what you believe in.


Design that delights

When was the last time you landed on a website and it made you smile?

In a world where your customers are busier than ever and competition is fierce, those little deft design touches add that quicksilver quality to your website that’s hard to define but feels special to customers.

And our web designers are demons for detail – from customised colour schemes to choosing the right font for your copy, we prime every pixel of your website so that it’s a pleasure for customers’ peepers!


Mobile and SEO-optimised websites

It’s frustrating for customers when a website which looks well designed when viewed on a pc looks mangled on their mobile and is impossible to navigate. So optimising your site by using responsive design means that it looks amazing on any device – from a large desktop screen to the tiniest mobile phone. This means that you won’t miss out on those high-intent customers who use ‘near me’ search questions to find stores in their local area (or near their car when they’re on the move) that they want to visit in person and purchase from, or want to order form online because having a physical address near the places they frequent is reassuring.

And further, when your website architecture and URL structure is easy for people to navigate, the site speed and page load times are rapid and all content elements are properly formatted and coded, it means it’s fine tuned for SEO.

Because we’re a comprehensive Leeds web agency offering a range of digital marketing services, we’re always aware of the way your website fits in with the rest of your digital strands – it’s at the heart of all of your efforts online, so it’s got to serve several purposes simultaneously and be adaptable and futureproof.


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Diverse Leeds Web Design Services

Because your business and customers are unique, you need a website that meets your commercial, creative and customer service requirements.

And whether you want a site that’s set up primarily for onsite sales, showcases your flagship products and services in order to trigger conversations with customers, or does a bit of both with a few fantastic features thrown in to spice things up, we’re the go-to guys. Our web design experience and expertise includes but isn’t restricted to, the following services:

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are a bit like the digital version of your gran’s paper catalogue – except they’re much more convenient, fast and fun. When you want a highly functional site that lists all of your products and services in the most accessible and attractive way, and offers a range of payment options like Stripe, WorldPay, Sagepay and PayPal, Ecommerce is where it’s at. Because most customers buy from their phones these days, we build Ecommerce sites on platforms primed for mobile, while ensuring that they look elegant and work wonderfully across all devices.

Brochure Websites

Some specialist companies prefer brochure sites to Ecommerce sites because they primarily want some attractive digital real estate that shows off their interesting products and services in ingenious ways – this engages the right type of customer, who then uses clearly flagged contact information to get in touch.

Brochure sites can suit some types of B2B companies and might include stunning photography, vibrant video and insightful infographics – whatever it takes to convince customers that you can solve their problems in countless creative and confident ways.

Bespoke Web Development

With a bespoke website, your wish is our command – we can build your tailor-made website from the ground up, adding all the unique functional features and creative bells and whistles you want. We’ve got the web development chops to create a broad range of custom functionality by combining cutting-edge web languages like PHP, Angular JS, Ajax, Javascript and HTML5. And as we always emphasise, our web design and development is UX (User Experience) driven, so we’ll work closely with you to make sure that every element is designed to enhance the way new and existing customers feel every time they engage with you.

Let’s Talk

Whether you’re sure you need professional web design for your Leeds business or you’re just curious to learn more, we’re always delighted to hear from you.

Hit us up on the hotline on 01135 130 198 and we can have a relaxed chat, find out what you want and work out exactly how we can best help.

Or failing that, drop us an email at [email protected] – our eagle eyes are always on our inbox so you’ll never have to wait long for a friendly and full reply.

Parking / Directions

If it’s more convenient to meet us in Leeds, that’s great – in fact, a face to face meeting can often be preferable as we can get down to the nitty gritty of your project requirements super-fast.

Give us a bell to arrange first, but here are the directions to our comfy Leeds office:

Princes Exchange,
Princes Square,
West Yorkshire
01135 130 898

Find parking nearby at Crown Street, Castle Street and West Street.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still got some lingering questions about website design & development?

We’ve included some of our most commonly asked questions (and answers!) below, but if your brain-teaser isn’t included, drop our Leeds design team a line and we’ll happily resolve it.

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