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About Us

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One Mission

Increase the Value of your Business through Cost Effective Agile and Forensic Search Marketing Strategies

Choosing a digital marketing agency can be a bit like falling in love.

The first flourishes of romance are tremendously exciting and the heat’s turned up even further when expectations are raised through wild promises about a successful partnership that exceeds your wildest dreams.

But after those sparks subside, there’s that awkward phase where you don’t seem to understand each other anymore, then you stop talking entirely, and sometimes one of you goes completely AWOL.

Fear not – two things clients love about Maratopia are our dedication to listening keenly and observing closely.

Like the Barry Whites of the UK digital agency scene, we’re never, never, gonna give you up – which is why we not only offer a full range of outstanding digital services for local, national and international clients, and we also have physical offices across the UK where we can meet in person. Whether you want advice on technical SEO, or a casual chat about general digital marketing over a cuppa, we’re here to help.

One Vision

To be Our Clients’ most trusted advisors

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Maratopia was founded by its CEO Stephen Harvey-Franklin (Steve to everyone except Mum).

Steve’s first exposure to digital marketing was in the early days of the internet back in 1996 and through the 90s, running a number stock photo, music, effects and footage agencies in London.

The stunning success enjoyed, combined a fast growing audio visual market, an industry roll up, global distribution and a product that could be digitised, sold and delivered online.

Having led one of the world’s leading agencies into this new online e-commerce world, he decided to become poacher turned gamekeeper. Taking the incredible early learnings from client side to agency side. Not many agencies are born from e-commerce success nor the client side ethos. Maratopia more than most understand the heartbeat of businesses and their need for results, deliverability, accountability and return on investment. That’s why we concentrate so vehemently on being fact and evidenced based, plain English. No false hopes, no smoke and mirrors here, just statistical analysis.

For example, we have developed a unique approach to search marketing analysis, taking into account over 21 key drivers of search position to analyse and devise the precise ingredients required for any given keyword to make the top 10 of Google’s search results.

This is why we spend so long analysing potential clients. With our Search Space Analysis a process forever being refined to understand a site’s search space, keywords, competitors content , core web vitals and backlinks create the perfect picture of the search environment and the strengths and weaknesses of the protagonists. Only understanding strengths and weaknesses (gap analysis on each level) can you truly identify what is needed to beat each and every competitor as cost effectively as possible.

In Several UK Cities

Expert Digital Marketing Agency

Huddersfield Digital Marketing

The HQ and beating heart of Maratopia is in Huddersfield – so if you’re based in our neighbourhood and like the cut of our jib, we would love to chat to you.

The difference between us and other Huddersfield digital marketing agencies is our approach – we always put clients and their customers first, listening keenly to their needs and advising them transparently on the services that will bring success.

And when it comes to services, we’re well equipped to boost your business online – Whether you need SEO to sell specs in Spen Valley, PPC for your virtual PA firm in Paddock or web design for a chic deli in Denby Dale, we’re on it like a bonnet.

And when it comes to location, we couldn’t be more central – stroll straight across St George’s Square at the train station, pat Harold Wilson on the back as you pass, look both ways as you cross the road and shimmy down the steps to our office. We’ve got tea, coffee and biscuits (at least three different types!).

Digital Services In Leeds

With a convenient office in central Princes Square, Maratopia is also perfectly capable of taking care of all of your digital marketing needs in Leeds.

We can offer advice and guidance on everything from UX and CRO to web design and content marketing, as well as our core SEO and PPC services.

Whether your Leeds enterprise is involved in tourism, construction, manufacturing, retail, leisure, or the creative industries, we can harness digital power to help you differentiate form the competition and connect with customers in one of Britain’s most diverse city economies.

Fancy a chat in Leeds? Call 01135 130 898 and arrange an appointment at our office at Princes Exchange, Princes Square.

Online Marketing In London

London abounds with awesome business opportunities, but if you don’t have a billion pound budget, it can be hard making yourself heard in a crowded marketplace.

However, Maratopia has a strong track record of helping challenger companies with tough competition establish an excellent digital presence, connect creatively with customers and drive sales.

And if you’re a London firm using the capital as a base to expand into overseas markets, don’t forget that we offer expert international SEO services for search engines like China’s Baidu and Russia’s Yandex, as well as native-speaker digital translation services for a wide range of languages.

With some of our larger clients being London- or Southern-based, we’re often catching up with them in the capital, so it’s no problem extending our time there to talk to you – give us a bell if you want to meet in the big smoke.

Digital Marketing In Manchester

Manchester’s not only the home of two of the world’s best football teams (all hail Altrincham and Salford City!), it’s also a bustling business hub a stone’s throw from our Huddersfield HQ.

We pop over to Manchester regularly and have worked extensively with major clients including MAG (Manchester Airport Group), so if you’re trying to establish yourself in any sector in this Northern Powerhouse, we’re more than happy to help with brand-aligned Content Marketing, Web Design or anything else.

And if you’re a genuine Stone Roses fan we might even throw in a discount - but we’ll have to see genuine ticket stubs from the 80s/90s as evidence!

UK Digital Marketing Services

Maratopia is a comprehensive digital marketing agency, so we’re confident we can excel in any type of bespoke project across diverse sectors, but here’s a taster of our standard and specialist services:


SEO in the UK

SEO is our bread and butter – we have a long record of helping all sizes and types of UK companies capitalise on the power of search marketing to place themselves at the fingertips of local, regional, national and international customers. We’re Google partners, so we know the ins and outs of the world’s biggest search engine like the back of our hands and can optimise any website for a fantastic ranking. But we can also offer technical SEO to beat off stiff competition, blogger outreach for an extra boost to link juice and international SEO to rule to SERP rankings on alternative engines and systems.



PPC perfectly complements services like SEO and it provides faster exposure for startup businesses while they wait for organic search techniques to set in. With traditional services like paid search as well as paid display ads and paid social, we can make sure that your seen swiftly by all your high-intent target customers whenever and wherever they are in line, maximising the potential for PPC with any budget.


Content marketing in the UK

Lost for words when it comes to marketing your great British business? Need writers who can wax lyrical about anything from catenary wire to personal finance, combat sports to karaoke and headwear to sport shoes? Our resident ink slingers can tell your business stories in the creative and captivating ways customers love. We’re adept at SEO content marketing that drives you to the top of search engine rankings as well as on-page conversion copywriting that keeps consumers on your site and persuades them to stick around long enough to make a purchase or sign up to your mailing list.


UK Web Design & Development

If your British business needs a website built from scratch, we can advise on the ideal platforms for ecommerce and we have long-standing experience with popular platforms like WordPress, Magento and Laravel, as well as the capacity and smarts to build a bespoke site that’s totally unique. We can also develop your site so that it’s ecommerce ready and ensure that all hosting and support requirements are taken care of too. Beautiful web design is also essential – our elegant websites look stunning but are simple to use, which is fantastic news for your customers, Google bots and your bank balance.


UX (User Experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) in the UK

Best practice UX and CRO is inbuilt in everything we do at Maratopia, from websites to content and all other services. However, if you want us to really ramp up a certain type of conversion or attract customers at different stages of the buying journey, we can turn our own components up to maximum overdrive with highly-tuned UX and CRO or amend existing elements in need of a refresh. With heatmapping and persona creation, we will analyse the demographic and psychographic drives of your most desirable customers and deliver their dream experience on your website.

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