8 December 2020


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5 Cracking Concepts For Your Zoom Christmas Party

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Blah blah, digital, blah blah Zoom.

You’ve heard it all before – we’re not going to repeat the horrors and highlights of our newfound dependence on video conferencing ad nauseum.


But if you think you’re being spared the ritual humiliation of getting tipsy and incurring the wrath of HR at the Christmas Party this year, you’re sadly mistaken.

Oh, don’t be such a spoilsport – you love it really. Besides, in a way, this is better! You can switch off all your co-workers at the touch of a button, stay in your PJs and, if all else fails, feign connectivity problems and pull the plug, then drunkenly berate the pigeons on your windowsill instead – just like the rest of the year really!

With that in mind, we’ve put together five cracking concepts for your work’s Christmas zoom party to celebrate in safety and style.

#1 Comedy Night In

The 99 Club is one of London’s leading comedy establishments, and this year they’re offering virtual Christmas party nights in place of the traditional work do.

Offering the chance to see a star comedian, ‘live in your living room’, their private party option also provides teams with a chance to ‘roast the boss’ in a virtual front row – what happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party, after all.

#2 Christmas Party Package

Evolve Events are running a Christmas party package to rival the best of virtual entertainment. 

Like the 99 Club, they offer an array of performers from comedians to drag queens to belly dancers, all streamed to their own digital platform which allows you to create chat rooms with your co-workers to enjoy the fun together. 

Their night also includes a Christmas party box, sent to each individual employee, that includes a selection of festive snacks and a bottled cocktail (or mocktail) of your choice.  

Get the boss onto this one ASAP! 

#3 Quiz

Zoom pub quizzes quickly became the defining feature of Lockdown 1.0 and fizzled out fast over the summer, but they’ve seen something of a resurgence over the past month. 

The average Zoom quiz doesn’t take too long to prepare, and you can find plenty of ready-made rounds online. You can even make it Christmas themed, if you really want to get in the spirit, with rounds like Name That Reindeer, a Christmas Movie Round, and Nativity Trivia. 

#4 Virtual escape room

If the traditional Zoom pub quiz doesn’t do it for you, why not try out a virtual escape room? 

From free puzzle rooms to paid escapes compiled by pros, you can find rooms with a wide range of themes such as 

Bear them in mind for the new year too – they’re also a great alternative to traditional team-building exercises. 

#5 Hangout

Our fifth and final suggestion is just to keep it simple with a classic Zoom hangout! 

We love all suggestions on this list, but sometimes it’s nice to get everyone together for an evening with no extravagant plans. 

Recreate a typical night down the pub with everyone’s tipple and snacks of choice, all from the comfort of your own homes. 

After all, Christmas parties are really about bringing everyone together, right? 

Whatever your celebrations look like, our team wishes yours a Merry Maratopia Christmas!

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