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#FridayFiver 🧼✋ – Super Stories

It’s that time again!

We’re celebrating another great working week here at Maratopia and over in Content we can’t wait for you to tuck into another tasty tech blog.

So get your weekend started with a hearty helping of heroic wonders from the world wide web in this week’s Friday Fiver.

🏡 Belgian Company 3D Prints A House

You read that right – they’ve only gone and printed a house. Using the largest 3D printer in Europe, Kamp C have created the first 3D printed two-storey house. Measuring at just short of 1000sqft, this prototype is intended to show what sustainable housing could look like in the future.

Take a look.

🎧 DJ With Google Magenta

Google Magenta’s latest creative project is set to make DJs of us all. The Lo-Fi Player function offers users a virtual room filled with objects, all of which can be interacted with for the user to create their own AI music. The programme, which was created by intern Vibert Thio, is unlikely to be the final version – Thio has already revealed he has big fans for the future of Lo-Fi Player.

Get the party started.

👾 Solar Powered Game Boy

One of the major concerns surrounding handheld consoles has been their use of batteries, whether disposable or rechargeable. But this month a team of smart researchers have unveiled the ‘Engage’, a retro clone of the iconic Nintendo Game Boy fitted with solar panels to draw its energy from the sun.

See for yourself!

🌟 Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary Plans

Fans of the classic Super Mario Bros franchise are in for a treat this year, with three remastered titles set for Nintendo Switch release later this month under the title Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Also slated for release is Super Mario Bros 35 to mark the plumber’s big anniversary. But fans will need a power-up to get their hands on these fast, as all titles will see only limited availability!

Find out more.

🕶️ Smart Glasses Keep You Focused

Specs are a new type of smart glasses that use a combination of AI and camera technology to prevent you from losing focus while working. The glasses connect to a mobile app which shows you a breakdown of how you’re using your time and calculate how much of that is productive, meaning you’ll finally know just how much time you’re wasting on Twitter. Procrastinators of the world, unite! Well, maybe later.

You know someone who needs these.

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