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The Maratopia Headlines – 30th January 2018

It’s time for some more Maratopia Headlines – our weekly round-up of the most exciting and engaging news in digital media.

Take a look at our highlights for 30/01/18…

Snapchat Stories will now reach more eyeballs as app opens up Facebook and Twitter sharing

(Via The Drum)

“The enigmatic messaging service will now let users share certain Snapchat content on third-party sites and blogs. This can be done via a link which allows individuals who don’t have the app to view the video or photo.

For now the announcement doesn’t relate to sponsored or branded videos or imagery, however given that all of Snap’s advertiser products have evolved from consumer products it doesn’t seem unlikely that in time the feature could evolve…”

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Publishers turn to ads, search following Facebook’s News Feed change

(Via Search Engine Land)

“Chris Tolles should be freaking out right now. As CEO of news aggregation site Topix, his is one of the media companies that would seemingly be most affected by Facebook’s recent News Feed algorithm change, which is expected to throttle the traffic the social network sends to publishers’ sites. According to SimilarWeb, in December 2016, Topix received 37 percent of its US desktop visitors from Facebook. Yet Tolles isn’t too troubled…”

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Greater control with new features in your Ads Settings

(Via Google)

“Building the tools that provide transparency and control over your data has always been a top priority for us. On the ads front, we’ve evolved our tools over the years to help you shape your ads experience. We launched a single dashboard for ads controls—originally named the Ads Preferences Manager, now Ads Settings—in 2009, Why This Ad in 2011, Mute This Ad in 2012, and then folded these into your central data controls hub: My Account…”

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How to recraft your small business’ local SEO in 2018

(Via Local SEO Checklist)

“The best part of the end of every year is how you get to start over, and the trends that have shaped local SEO in 2018 for small businesses has “new beginnings” all over it. In this day and age, consumers have several resources at their disposal to find business information and make an informed purchase decision. In light of such developments, search is aimed to become hyper-focused and hyper-relevant. Reworking your local SEO strategies for the next year is imperative to stay ahead of the game…”

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