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User Experience Stats and Facts

We’ve been making the most of our blackboard again this week and we’ve been a little bit more ambitious this time and had a go at a wall length info-graphic on User Experience (UX).

User Experience (UX) Statistics

Putting the Blackboard Wall to Good Use

Just in case the handwriting proves a little challenging to read, here’s the transcript of the info-graphic too:

  1. 97% of sites fail at user experience – Vitamin Talent
  2. The UK’s internet economy is projected to expand at 11% for the next 4 years and by 2016, online will account for 1 in 4 of all retail purchases made – Boston Consulting Group
  3. Testing with just 5 users can fins 85% of your site’s problems – Vitamin Talent.
  4. Every 65p invested in user experience returns up to £65
  5. 74% of businesses believe that user experience is key for improving sales – Econsultancy
  6. For companies, the 2 most commonly listed benefits of good user experience are: improvement in evidence decision making (68%) and removing guesswork for designing (66%) – Econsultancy
  7. 68% of users leave a site due to poorly designed user experience
  8. 62% of customers base future purchases on past experiences
  9. 44% of online shoppers tell a friend about a bad online experience
  10. Only 37% of brands received good or excelled customer experience index scores this year – Technically Marketing


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