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24 December 2020


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10 Favourite Festive Foods

10 Favourite Festive Foods

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

And a good old-fashioned Christmas stuffing wouldn’t be the same without the sweet treats and savoury snacks that define the festive season.

We’ve put together a shortlist of just a few favourites from the Maratopia office – to spice things up a little, why not stock up on our picks and munch away at this 10-course tinsel-covered tapas? You know you want to!

#1 Pigs in blankets

The king of Christmas snacks, pigs in blankets are the highlight of any Christmas dinner.

For a vegetarian alternative, why not try halloumi wrapped in Quorn bacon, or veggie cocktail sausages wrapped in pastry to create ‘pigs in duvets’.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the cranberry sauce for dipping.

#2 Candy cane

These bad boys seems to show up in a variety of increasingly weird flavours every year.

But a standard peppermint one makes a refreshing sweet treat, tree decoration or even a nifty alternative to the umbrella in your Christmas cocktail!

#3 Mulled wine

Everyone has a favourite Christmas tipple of course – a Baileys for your nan, craft ales for your dad, Bucks’ Fizz for your breakfast – but there’s nothing like a mugful of warm mulled wine.

And for a family friendly booze-free alternative, why not try a non-alcoholic mulled punch for a festive evening in?

#4 Sausage rolls

A Boxing Day essential, the nation’s love of sausage rolls put LadBaby at the coveted Christmas Number 1 spot two years in the running.

But we can’t hold that against them – the humble snack is still a favourite of ours.

#5 Chocolate

We love chocolate all year round, of course.

But there’s just something extra special about Christmas chocolate. Quality Streets? Love ‘em. Heroes? Pass ‘em over. Roses? Go on then.

Then you’ve got the posh choccies – the Ferreros, the Famous Names, the Lindor truffles.

Not to mention the After Eights, which have spawned a whole challenge of their own – can you do it?

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#6 Crisps

Another standard snack that gets a range of weird and wonderful flavour upgrade every year.

Walkers’ greatest hits include Brussel Sprout, Pigs in Blankets and Glazed Ham, but if you prefer a simpler solution to seasonal snacking, a can of Pringles or Twiglets will do nicely.

#7 Biscuits

The Best Biscuit In Britain is a hotly debated and heavily contested title, but when it comes to Christmas, there’s no need to get competitive. From the posh shortbread your in-laws sent to the homemade gingerbread men, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas biccy.

McVities have ramped up their game this year, giving the chocolate digestive a Christmas Pudding flavoured makeover. We’re not joking.

#8 Mince pies

Santa’s favourite, but Mums and Dads happen to enjoy them too.

They’re a simple enough concept but there’s plenty of ways to put a twist on the traditional.

#9 Cheese

Cheese with crackers. Cheese with bread. Whatever’s happening at Christmas, it should involve cheese.

#10 Nuts

The perfect nibble to round off an evening’s snacking.

As always, if you find your favourite snack missing from our selection, give us a shout on social media to let us know what crimes against Christmas treats we’ve committed!