5 December 2017


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10 Christmas cracker TV ads

10 Christmas cracker TV ads

You know for sure Santa will be cramming his chubby self in your chimney-pot soon when the Christmas ads hit your TV screen — swiftly followed by cantankerous complaints that ‘it gets earlier every year’.

But awesome ads tug the heart strings of the tightest Scrooges — see if you can make it through our 10 faves.

1. IRN-BRU — Snowman

This reworking of the Christmas classic puts a dour twist in the tale — Scottish snowmen are cold as ice.

2. Yellow Pages — Mistletoe

The bulky Yellow Pages becomes a step to romance for a diminutive Don Juan in this Crimbo classic.

3. John Lewis — Buster the Boxer

A cheeky canine steals the show in this bouncy bonanza from the black belts of Christmas advertising.

4. Ferrero Rocher — The Ambassador’s Reception

No sophisticated festive soiree in the 90s was complete without a brass monkey serving these tinfoil treats — ‘we’re really spoiling you’ with a chance to revisit this superb slice of cheese.

5. Guinness — They Dream of a White One

This evocative ad blends beautiful snow-blanketed Irish imagery with a terrific tagline — great craic.

6. Coca-Cola — Holidays are Coming

Coke heralded the arrival of Christmas 1995 with this iconic ad featuring a convoy of illuminated trucks and a catchy tune — it’s a sugary treat for the whole family.

7. Toys “R” Us — Magical Place

Toys “R” Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe is the Santa of the savannah taking advantage of lax 80s child labour laws in this awesome animated ad — maybe the superb song gets his helpers through the nightshift?

8. Unicef – Three Wise Men

The global charity take us on a humorous trip back to the first Christmas to remind us about buying gifts that really make a difference — a short ad with a sweet punchline.

9. Marks & Spencer — Paddington and The Christmas Visitor

Peruvian ex-pat Padders has a tinsellated tussle with a tea-leaf in this year’s offering from M&S. And the midnight marauder doesn’t think much of marmalade sandwiches — skip to 1:12 for confirmation.

10. Halfords — Nothing beats a bike

This feel-good ad from Halfords has a retro feel that distils the sheer joy of discovering a crudely-wrapped BMX-shaped parcel hidden behind the Christmas tree — it’s simple, straightforward and soulful.

These ads excel at making you reach for your wallet as you grab your hankie — cracking stuff.

What can we learn from these festive treats?

• Cute kids and cuddly animals still capture our attention.
• Ads that tell a simple story work well — everyone loves a happy ending at Christmas.
• The right mix of music, nostalgia and humour is the festive secret formula.

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